Full Package Manufacturing

As a full package (CMTP) manufacturer we provide fabric/trim sourcing, pattern and pre production sampling followed by marking, grading, cutting, sewing, printing, packing and shipping of finished production runs. We have excellent relationships with 50+ domestic mills, converters and importers which make our sourcing capabilities extremely competitive. We produce across all knit and woven categories including mens and womens contemporary, athleticwear, kids/babies, basics, surf/streetwear, lingerie, and some outerwear.

Throughout various stages of sourcing and manufacturing we follow quality control procedures to mitigate risk. We are happy to offer an on call staff for production updates and timelines. We look for long term partners who value mutual growth, creative collaboration and product excellence.


For brands that have developed samples in-house or with another company, costing is a key first step in determining production prices at different quantities. 

To provide accurate costing for 1 style or 20 styles, here is what we need from you. 

1. Finished Samples- Each style that a brand wishes to produce must be provided to us. With this sample we pull relevant information such as fabric costs, construction details, and bells and whistles like prints, labels or heat transfers. 

2. Pro forma purchase order- While we don’t need any commitment for an order to provide pricing, we do need to know what the order would look like if we’re a good fit on price and compatibility. Some items to include in a purchase order include quantity per style, size breakdown, embellishments and packing instructions. Download our Purchase Order Template Here to and fill out as best you can to get started.  


During Pre Production our team our team will gather all raw materials including fabrics, trims, labels, hangtags etc and gain all necessary approvals. If any artwork is required, these files will be sent in vector formats along with print type, size and location information. If printing is required strike offs will be sent for approval. Finally, production ready patterns will be made and pre production samples will be cut and sewn for approval.

Once pre production sample is approved, this will serve as the standard of work by which all production units will be made. This is how we protect our brands and ourselves.


Once a pre production sample is approved for all styles, production can begin. As a full package manufacturer we manage all cutting, sewing, printing, finishing and packing. Production lead times differ based on the total number of steps needed to complete the order and will be provided on a case by case basis. Below is a breakdown of standard timeframes.

4-6 Weeks standard production lead time

Custom milled fabric – Add 3-6 weeks

Fabric Dying – Add 1 week

Printing Add 1-2 weeks

If custom fabrics are needed a minimum of 4-5 weeks is needed to produce fabrics before any production is started. If this is your first production run we HIGHLY recommend using available in-stock fabrics here in downtown los angeles.