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Indie Source How-To: 5 Steps to Creating a Budget for Y

One of the first questions we ask our new development clients is “what is your budget for the project?”. It’s not surprising that many new designers and entrepreneurs don’t ye...

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American Apparel shuts down! How you can help keep peop

As American Apparel layoffs begin, Indie Source is poised to hire Today, American Apparel has started the mass layoffs that will leave thousands of apparel workers wondering where to turn for work. I ...

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IndieViews: Meet Emily Meaker

Our IndieViews series highlights the talented and committed people who power Indie Source. Get to know Emily Meaker, your GO-TO point person to help you organize, plan and (finally!) get going on bui...

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Your Kickstart to Entrepreneurship!

Amongst the many doctor and actor aspirations, lays an ambition many are not equipped to commence: creating their own business. As many start up’s disappoint before they’re fully able to thrive, a...

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IndieViews: Meet Johnny Quintero

Our IndieViews series highlights the talented and committed people who power Indie Source. In our interview with Indie Source’s trim specialist Johnny Quintero, he shares his wisdom, experience,...

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Watch Indie Source In Action On BET

Indie Source delivers for Damon Dash’s Poppington on BET’s Music Moguls. Damon Dash’s vision for his Poppington apparel line is 100% independent and made in America using the highest...

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Launch party at The Reef. L to R: Jesse, Emily, Nara, Zack, Jenn, Lana.

Join Indie Source At The LA Business Journal Fashion Aw

Celebrate standout local fashion companies and make new connections at LABJ’s 2016 Fashion Awards. Indie Source is excited to attend the second annual Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2016 ...

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Ace Your Indie Source Intro Meeting

Ready to work with Indie Source? Your Intro Meeting is the first step. Here’s everything you need to know. When you’re ready to transform your daydreams and sketches into a clothing line, Indi...

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IndieViews: Meet Rebecca Ellison

Our IndieViews series reveals the passion, expertise, and personalities behind Indie Source’s amazing team.  Get to know Rebecca Ellison, our superstar production assistant who helps turn clien...

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A Zero-Waste Fiber Is Brewing

Kombucha tea is the source of a new fiber aimed at creating sustainable fashion. A new fiber made from tea is being developed as part of the fight to decrease waste and pollution in the fashion indust...

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