Smart Fabrics – New Functions In Fashion

Smart fabrics are bringing fashion design face-to-face with technology, and the possibilities are unlimited. Smartwatches and activity trackers are on wrists everywhere. Virtual and augmented reality ...

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Blue Jean Baby – Looks Like Magic

Indie Source’s sneak peek at Blue Jean Baby’s stunning look book photos! In our April interview with Lola Rogers of Blue Jean Baby, we learned about the inspiration behind her clothing and...

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American Apparel Crowdsourcing New Products

Los Angeles-based fashion company launches crowdsourcing campaign to discover new product ideas. As one of the largest apparel manufacturers in North America, American Apparel has made its mark on the...

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Money: Fuel Your New Label

How do new designers get funding to produce their first fashion lines? You’re overflowing with inspiration. Your mind’s eye swims with designs, colors, and fabrics. You have a powerful creative vi...

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IndieViews: Meet Jenn O’Mahony

In our IndieViews series, we get an in-depth look at the extraordinary people who make Indie Source work. Inspired by Indie Source’s unique mission and culture, Development Project Manager Jenn ...

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Rob-Lola Tay web- xd

Blue Jean Baby, LA Label

What difference does Indie Source make for its clients? We asked Blue Jean Baby’s Lola Rogers. Lola Rogers gives us a real world look into how Indie Source delivers on its commitment to designers de...

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Starting A Successful Made In USA Clothing Brand

Jim Snediker shares his take on how to start a successful clothing brand that’s made in the USA. The secret? Have something new to say, backed up with strong business basics.  A renaissance aro...

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Why Made In USA Matters

Indie Source enables independent designers to produce fashion lines that are made in the USA. But why? For Indie Source, “Made in USA” is much more than a label or marketing tagline. The loss of A...

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Damon Dash Visits Indie Source

Indie Source to be featured with Damon Dash in episode of BET reality show Music Moguls.  Last week, Indie Source was visited by Damon Dash and BET’s crew to film scenes for upcoming reality s...

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FIT Scrubs: Revolutionizing Medical Scrubs

Indie Source brings FIT Scrubs’ innovative design concepts to life – a real life success story.   Founded by 14-year emergency department paramedic Arthur Lucero, FIT Scrubs (a division o...

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