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  • 06/18/2021

3 Comprehensive Tools to Help You Start a Successful Fashion Brand

3 Comprehensive Tools to Help You Start a Successful Fashion Brand

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One of the biggest hurdles any new fashion entrepreneur will face is simply finding a foothold in the industry. With so many brands saturating the market, it can be nearly impossible for startups to know where to begin, especially if it’s their first foray into fashion. At Indie Source, we’ve helped over 500 brands launch new lines, and our team brings a wealth of industry experience that every startup can benefit from. Here are some of our most useful tools to help aspiring entrepreneurs gain an edge when starting their own fashion brand!


1 | The Indie Source video training library – Cost: FREE

We’ve assembled an extensive library of video content to help serious fashion entrepreneurs find their footing in the industry. If you’ve watched any of our videos before, you’ll recognize most of them are led by our own CEO, Zack Hurley, so you’re getting quality insider info in every segment. A few of our most-watched videos include:

How to start a clothing line: the step-by-step guide

How to vet your clothing factory and create lasting partnerships

How to create a financial plan so your business grows faster

For more video content, check out our featured videos page, or jump straight over to our Youtube page for interviews, features, and webinars (be sure to subscribe to see the latest content!)


2 | An archive of tips and definitions for understanding clothing manufacturing – Cost: FREE

Our archives contain over 7 years of industry knowledge, and a comprehensive breakdown of industry-wide definitions, delivering how-to’s, and handy tips…all in service of launching a fashion brand. We cover everything from understanding reference samples to developing tech packs, to assessing manufacturing partners. Check out these featured articles that will help you understand the technical aspects of producing your clothing line:

Ask Zack Ep #1: How Much Does It Cost to Produce My Own Clothing Line?

Why we work with Reference Samples

How to create a Tech Pack

-Pattern-making in the Fashion Industry

Understanding the manufacturing side of the industry will help you talk to your factories and partners more effectively and confidently. Browse our full blog archive for more articles and more clothing manufacturing insights.


3 | Our product development kick-off meeting – Cost: $197

If you’re serious about starting your fashion line and want to get the best quality clothing manufacturers and industry support on your side, set up a product development meeting with us, today! We go above and beyond to make your brand a reality, and we offer so much more than simply manufacturing the end product.

In addition to making top-quality clothing, we connect you with a team of real industry experts who are passionate about their craft and your success. We provide assistance down to the last technical detail, AND we provide fashion-focused marketing services to help bring your brand to market. You won’t find a more inclusive experience than what we do for our clients, so check out what to expect from a kick-off meeting and schedule your appointment!


BONUS TOOL: The Brand Launch Academy

If you’re still in the ideation stage of your brand and wish you had someone to teach you everything you need to know, check out our complete crash course for starting your fashion line.  These self-led modules let you work at your own pace to develop all the tools you need to start your own apparel line. In addition, you’ll get access to our existing network of suppliers and partners AND a bonus kick-off meeting with Indie Source, to help you plan for the future of your brand. Read more about the Brand Launch Academy!


REMINDER: A tool is only as good as the user

While we can share our insights, there’s still no magical formula for being successful in the fashion industry. Ultimately, the biggest tool at your disposal is your own drive to succeed. Preparing to start your fashion brand consists of a lot of sacrifices, dedication, and self-education, especially for newcomers to the fashion industry who lack the network and connections that more seasoned entrepreneurs may have. That’s why Indie Source provides tons of free content, to make our industry more accessible to those willing to do what it takes to succeed.

We’ve seen plenty of hopefuls come and go because they aren’t prepared for the realities of what it takes to make it a reality, but the clients we work with share our passion for quality and perseverance, and that’s what makes them a cut above the rest.

Learn more about what we do at Indie Source, and when it’s time to start your clothing line, we look forward to seeing you in a kick-off meeting!

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