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  • 11/25/2014

Allison Andrews’ approach towards Fashion Week

Allison Andrews’ approach towards Fashion Week

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Allison Andrews Talks FWSD

In its eighth season, FWSD 2014 is on the rise of establishing the coastal-beachside city of San Diego as a viable platform for fashion designers & industry professionals from all over the world. The city of San Diego is becoming an ideal fashion destination for industry professionals to showcase their latest collections with the support of visionary Allison Andrews, Founder & Director of FWSD. And, despite San Diego’s laid-back fashion culture of beachwear attire with staple pieces of tank tops and flip flops, Andrews exemplifies how San Diego embraces an immense appreciation for high fashion couture, capturing the very pulse of San Diego with all its creativity and style.

FWSD  is vastly becoming a place that encompasses everything in fashion—–because just like how art is subject to personal interpretation, so is fashion and Andrews feels it is important to see the uniqueness of each designer.  It is through her commitment and dedication that she is at the forefront of rallying community involvement, and vastly establishing the runways of San Diego to be a canvas for a fashion designer to display their artistic creations,  while simultaneously providing consumers access to the latest trends and styles.

San Diego is progressively becoming one of the major fashion capitals within the US—housing so much talent from their local designers while welcoming international talent from abroad.  It makes sense since San Diego is already a major travel destination in the US and to merge San Diego’s tourism with fashion is an ideal location for designers to springboard their careers and get noticed and be seen.

FWSD is not trying to be anything else, but FWSD,” shares Andrews. “We were created to give a reputable and quality place for designers from everywhere in the world to show their collection to the general consumer, and [those in] the industry that can help them launch their career. This is what we do and what we stand for.” This is one of the major differences of FWSD, and its approach, because not only is it a showcasing to preview the latest trend-setting styles down the runway, FWSD  is evolving into a platform to help grow the fashion designers artistic creativity into a successful and lucrative business in the marketplace.  With FWSD, Andrews incorporates and offers business workshops along with personalized trunk shows to help promote brand recognition and provide designers that maximum exposure needed for their brand, leading up to the actual festivities of FWSD’s catwalk., which is usually held the first week of October.

Even fashion designer, Wilhelmina from Star Fashion House, who has been in the industry for over thirty years had the opportunity to participate in a personalized fashion luncheon and trunk show at La Jolla’s charmingly prestigious La Valencia Hotel.— reminiscent of a time when women would engage in having high tea and models would twirl about wearing the latest fashion and trends.  This was an ideal location for Wilhelmina to have women preview her latest collection prior to showcasing on the runways of FWSD.  And, since her clothing boutique is located within La Jolla, where she caters to the sophisticated high-society woman housing upscale ready-wear clothing with an emphasis of couture cocktail evening gowns and bridal fashions—having a private showing of her collection at La Valencia Hotel  was definitely the right venue for her.

Wilhelmina FWSDAnd, as Andrews continues to break ground embracing all facets of fashion, it is no surprise that this year’s FWSD winner for “San Diego’s Top Designer of 2014”—-was awarded to A’doreus- a high fashion couture clothing line for the plus-size woman.  Sharlene Borromeo, creator and fashion designer of A’doreus,  has passionately dedicated her career in establishing more of a fashion selection and providing clothing options for the plus-size women. She designs contemporary and timeless pieces for the full-figured silhouette of a woman, and though she has been challenged with some of the negative comments regarding the difficulty with pre-conceived notions of taking plus-size women’s clothing and evolving it into mainstream high fashion, she has always stayed the course and now has achieved the recognition as “FWSD’s Top Designer of 2014.”

As  Borromeo glances at her sketches, she fondly reflects on her overall experiences and all that she acquired and gained by participating in FWSD.  “FWSD and Allison hold the designers accountable, and it has taught me how to work through my weaknesses and capitalize on my strengths….I highly [recommend] any emerging designer  to participate in [FWSD].”  Borromeo  enthusiastically commented.   “There is no better way to learn how to work through the struggles than to just jump in and do it. But, the key element is to return a second year, so that you canquantitatively measure your progress, gain the momentum to continue, and dream bigger.”A'doreus FWSD

“I am most proud of myself, because throughout this entire journey I was transparent and stuck to my vision.”

To learn more about FWSD, you could log onto:  http://fashionweeksd.com/ and to inquire on how to become one of the participating designers for the upcoming FWSD 2015, you could contact Indie Source’s PR/Marketing Dept at (858) 472-6204 and ask for Joyce

To check out Wilhelmina and Star Fashion House and the latest with her evening cocktail and bridal wear, especially as we are fast approaching the holidays, log onto starfashio2.wix.com/boutique

To check out more about high-fashion couture plus-size fashions with Sharlene Borromeo and A’doreus, you could log onto http://adoreusfashion.com/



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