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  • 09/07/2020

Are You Ready for a Development Kick Off Meeting?

Are You Ready for a Development Kick Off Meeting?

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You know you want to start a clothing line, you know the product you want to create, and you know the customer you want to sell it to. Does this mean you are ready for your Development Kickoff Meeting to start the product development process? 

The KOM is not just for light research, it is for entrepreneurs ready to begin apparel development and take the first steps to launch their brand. 


How to know if you are ready? Can you check off this list? 


1. You are ready for answers

How long will development and production take? How much does it cost? What do you put into this process and what do you get out of it? If you need this information because you are ready to act on it, your brand consultant will give you all the details. A savvy entrepreneur wants to know everything to expect so that they are prepared for the process and can effectively take action at each step. 

2. You are serious about financial planning

You might not have all the funding you need yet, but you are serious about securing it and are ready to understand the full picture budget so that you know exactly what you need to prepare for. You need to know how much development, production, marketing, and delivery of your product will cost so that you can borrow, raise, or secure proper funding. Running a successful business requires smart spending and a sufficient budget. 

3. You know your why

Are you passionate about serving a particular person, demographic, community and have a specific product/line that you know will help them? Having strong brand values and knowing your *why* makes it easier to make decisions (do they serve my mission, yes or no?). Never be shy about telling your story. Consumers want to connect with and support founders and brands they trust and who align with their values. Communicate them to your community! 

4. You realize the collective power of allocating to the experts

You already know a fashion degree is not required to be a successful apparel entrepreneur. Which means you also know how critical it is to hire the right team of professionals to expertly execute your vision. You need all of the technical know-how, industry insights, and extensive experience your team of professionals at Indie Source has so that you know you are doing this right. Our pattern making team has over 100 years of combined experience! Do you? 

5. You have your reference samples and know who you want to sell to

In the development KOM your brand consultant will assess your collection and guide you on your assortment, price points, materials, and profit margins. If you are ready to come to the meeting with the references for fit/design and fabric that you want to use and can articulate who you want to sell your product to, then you are ready to get expert consulting and insights to perfect your product and fine tune your line for success. Let’s dive in!

To learn more about Indie Source and our development process, call us at 424-200-2027 or email us at Sales@indiesource.com to speak with our team. We will guide you through the whole process and ensure you are ready to book your Development Kick Off Meeting.






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