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  • 06/30/2014

Raw Artists Showcasing in LA: i.CTZN

Raw Artists Showcasing in LA: i.CTZN

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i.CTZN at LA’s Raw Showcase

Hollywood’s Walk of Fame was definitely lined up with rising stars, as the spotlight was set on all the emerging artists at LA’s RAW Showcase held earlier this spring on Sunday April 13th at the stylishly plush nightclub, OHM. RAW Artists came out and walked the red carpet, displaying their one-of-a-kind pieces from—photography, artwork, costume and design, & we cannot & must not forget the fashion. Indie Source is all about the fashion, supporting designers with their vision as it comes to life on the runway for these aspiring independent designers. And, as supporters of i.ctzn and RAW Artists, Indie Source was there to take it all in to check out all the indie artists.

i.CTZNHowever, this past Hollywood showcasing was merely one of the several RAW Artist platforms that RAW hosts throughout the year in cities throughout the United States and internationally to provide these independently talented artists a venue to display and showcase their art. RAW Artists embraces all genres of artistic expression with the intention to promote these artists, and provide them avenues to network and build on their professional career as artists. RAW Artists events are truly a coming together of all kinds of creative talent housed under one roof for an evening of sheer artistry. You will definitely experience a unique mix of talent once you’ve attended a RAW Artist showcase.

The venues are fun, upbeat, and fiercely eclectic, lining up musical acts that can include a female punk band accompanied by electrifying sounds of guitars; to performance art utilizing visual imagery of laser lights; or a full-on theatrical stage performance of costume design and make-up gruesomely displayed on the stage, making attendees feel as if you were watching a scene straight out from a horror flick. Not to mention the presentation and displays of artwork presented with interwoven barbwire fences utilized as backdrops, creating that edgy underground feeling. And, for Indie RAW Artist, it’s all about creatively presenting their own individual message of expression of how they want to be heard and seen. Just as one of the exhibitors, Los Angeles-based jewelry designer, Toni Kohn, displayed her gorgeous pieces of accented gold cuff accessories to beautifully designed custom cocktail rings that any female owning her collection of jewelry would be the envy.

And, as i.CTZN strutted their latest Fall 2014 collection that displayed a sharp sophistication of their military-style statement pieces with an edgy contemporary interpretation of style, i.CTZN was honored as a RAW Artist for the evening and closed the fashion show. “It is great to be recognized as a RAW artist and to be [selected] to show our unique fashion line,” Gao and Krusemark shared. “We [received] wonderful feedback at the show and enjoyed the other artists…creativity….It was a great experience to [have the opportunity to] debut our FALL 2014 collection to the Hollywood area.”

i.CTZNTo become part of a RAW Artist event is an extremely unforgettable visually stimulating experience. “RAW’s mission is to provide up-and-coming artists of all creative realms with tools, resources, and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity, so that they might be seen, heard, and loved RAW educates connects and exposes emerging artists in over 60 artistic communities across the United States, Australia, Canada, and the U.K. through monthly showcase events. [RAW Artists] wants you to join them in celebrating the work of these artists.”

To learn more about RAW Artists, log onto www.rawartists.org, and follow i.CTZN and check out their next fashion show and to view their latest collection, log onto www.iCTZN.com

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