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We are the in the business of *wildest dreams* What’s yours?

Starting a business can be one of life’s most fulfilling endeavors. It’s a creative opportunity to pursue your passion, gain valuable knowledge, share your ideas with the world, and bring…

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Sustainable Fabrics for your Apparel Line
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Are Sustainable Fabrics the Right Choice for Your Apparel Line?

Sustainability does not mean perfection, it means starting where you are with what you’ve got by incorporating the best choices for people and the planet.    Exploring the different ways…

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Indie Source Independence Mask
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Wearing masks to protect yourself, and others, is more important than ever

In apparel manufacturing, we know that change is the only constant. Everyday presents new opportunities to find creative solutions to the challenges presented in our everyday lives.   The novel…

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Independence Face Mask with a 1 for 1 Model
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Indie Source launches the Independence Mask with a 1 for 1 model

Indie Source launches the Independence Mask with a 1 for 1 model – providing face masks for purchase and donation to those in critical need   Los Angeles, CA (April…

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