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  • 11/08/2019

Be Kind to YOURSELF, you the AMAZING Entreprenuer

Be Kind to YOURSELF, you the AMAZING Entreprenuer

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World Kindness Day is the perfect day to celebrate Being Kind to YOURSELF.

As entrepreneurs, it’s very important to keep ourselves grounded during all the struggles and successes we will go through. Elizabeth Barry is here to tell us that not only should we look to others for positive energy, but we can also achieve excellent mental balance by being kind to ourselves. In fact, Kindness Day is coming up on November 13 which means this is a perfect time to speak to you about different ways we can express kindness internally.

As designers, we are creating pieces that come from our souls and if you are not taking care of yourself than you aren’t reaching your full potential.

I challenge you to simply pay attention to three areas of your life for the remainder of this day: diet, sleep, and self-talk. What you put into your body will greatly affect your energy and this includes the messages you send to yourself. I hope each and every one of you are making decisions today that will leave a positive print on your life tomorrow. Truthfully, there will be many tough times as an entrepreneur, but by making the decision to sacrifice initial comfort for long-term gain, you will set yourself up for success and thank yourself for doing so.

Imagine if we could maximize our profits in any business venture with the art of kinder communication. What would that look like? Feel like? What would that mean to our employees? Our customers? Our raving fans? Let’s do a deep dive into the hidden secrets of speaking, listening and observing our ways to truly let go of stress and hang onto success. For anyone currently dealing with a communication obstacle, we encourage you to check out more insight from Elizabeth and “The Magic of Humanizing Our Communications.” Watch Indie Source’s video featuring Elizabeth Barry’s presentation from the 2019 MAGIC trade show. CLICK HERE

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Elizabeth Barry is a Communication Expert, Innovator and Business Strategist with over 20 years of consulting experience branding and rebranding small businesses and founding partners. She’s taught leaders how to grow companies, how to build teams, how to be efficient and communicate effectively. From building her marketing agency to selling over 1.2 million in digital sales to curating and hosting 17 TEDx events and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorships over the years, Elizabeth is makes a worldly impact on the audience around her.

CONTACT LINKS: elizabethbarryconsulting@gmail.com
WEBSITE: elizabethbarryconsulting.com
INSTAGRAM: INSTAGRAM.COM/elizabethbarryleadership
FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK.COM/elizabethbarry20
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