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  • 12/12/2019

Behind The Scenes of Production

Behind The Scenes of Production

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Here it is! Your official sneak peek into a real Los Angeles production facility.

See what goes on behind the scenes and meet the people who are making the magic happen. From printing to stitching, we here at Indie Source are setting you up with our director of production Judy Wong to give you an insight into the world of production.

There are a few things that first need to be taken care of before production can begin. These tasks fall under the development category. Tasks, like providing a reference sample and getting approved patterns, will be categorized under development and must be completed before production begins. Then, our team will begin the production process with your designs and that’s where the magic really starts to happen.

Dream It. Produce It.

Production Process

First, patterns will be marked and graded by our team of expert pattern makers. Grading is the process of taking the base size and creating additional sizing with the same proportions. Basically, turning a small into a medium, a medium into a large, and so on. Next, Indie Source’s LA clothing manufacturing team will get the yield. Yield is the number that explains how much a yard of fabric is going to get you when producing a garment. This number is always changing based on how many medium sizes vs. extra-large sizes are put into production because it will take more fabric to produce a size extra-large than to produce a medium.

Next, it’s time to order the fabric and trim for the garments being produced. Trim is any piece of a garment that is used in addition to the fabric that serves either a decorative or functional purpose. Types of trim include ribbons, lining, buttons, and even zippers. Now, let’s get you a completed pre-production sample! Before starting mass production of your garments, we will cut and sew a sample piece for you to approve.

Once you give us the green light, the fabrics and trims will first be cut, then sent out to any embroiderers, screen printers, or other partners of ours for treatment, and finally sewn together by our skilled seamstresses.

All of this is completed with full quality control and attention for detail for one purpose: To make sure your beautiful ideas are executed exactly how you designed them.

The video below will walk you through one of our wonderful local partners to show you how an in-factory operation looks, right here in Downtown Los Angeles.

As you can see in the video, many different machines and methods can be used in order to achieve the perfect garment. We saw one of the sewers using the neck tape machine, which applies a strip of fabric onto the neckline of t-shirts and other garments in order to add structure and prevent stretching. Neck labels are applied in a number of ways and it’s fascinating to see the efficiency and accuracy our sewers can attach whatever labels you design to go on your finished garment.

We hope this was a very educational experience for anyone who has wanted to step foot into a production facility to see what really goes on.

If you’re interested in speaking to one of our dedicated team members about turning your dream clothing line into a reality, then CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR OFFICIAL KICKOFF MEETING. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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