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What does Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe mean for new fashion designers?

This summer, Amazon launched their new fashion platform, Prime Wardrobe. What’s most enticing about Prime Wardrobe is not 2-day shipping or free returns. Been there, done that. Instead, it’s Amazon’s fresh take on the online shopping experience as a whole.  While businesses like Zappos built a competitive advantage by making returns easy and hassle-free, Amazon has taken it a step forward by baking returns into the buying process.

Rather than pay upfront for clothes, Prime Wardrobe customers only pay for what they keep after seven days. Everything they order comes in a resealable box with a prepaid returns label. In traditional online shopping, returns are treated by companies as a necessary evil and customers rate them on the convenience of the returns process. Amazon approaches returns as an essential part of the online shopping experience.

While 2017 has been remarkable for the number of physical retailers that have closed up shop for not adapting to the online marketplace, it’s also been a flagship year for Amazon. Just one month after the Prime Wardrobe announcement, Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, briefly became the wealthiest man in the world when Amazon stocks rallied.

Prime Wardrobe isn’t an entirely new idea. The concept of the wardrobe subscription service has been executed successfully by companies such as Stitch Fix and Nordstrom’s Trunk Club. However, Amazon is able to offer over a million styles from a wide range of brands, including Amazon’s own private label, and isn’t limited to any one market, like wealthy, professional women. 

Amazon has the market power to not just democratize the concept, but also remove the subscription element that Stitch Fix and Trunk Club need to run a profitable business. And they’re offering 20% off to shoppers who hold on to five or more pieces of clothes. 

The question isn’t if shoppers will catch on – the value proposition really is just too good for them not to – but how can emerging fashion brands prepare for the shift in habits and expectations?

Depending on your take on Amazon as a fashionable business partner the answer may differ. Companies that are less concerned about controlling their brand messaging could attempt to leverage Amazon as a distribution platform to increase their reach and grow faster. Much like Spotify, Prime Wardrobe has the potential to give indie designers a boost in exposure – and Amazon can streamline fulfillment and returns.

The strategy of many other brands will deliberately exclude Amazon and any other major retail partners. Companies like Bonobos, Mizzen & Main, Crane & Lion, and MeUndies,  known as “digitally native vertical brands” for their top-down control over message and distribution, won’t want anything to do with Wardrobe Prime – and they’ve had wild success. These brands have a unique advantage over Amazon because they can create a completely personalized experience that’s difficult for large retailers to achieve.

Regardless of their size, Amazon won’t conquer the entire market. Americans’ desire for individuality won’t allow a complete Amazon fashion take over – the industry just doesn’t work that way.  Consumers will continue to discover and show loyalty to new fashion brands that they relate to on an intensely personal level, like Bonobos and others. The brand that will win is always the brand that tells a story compelling enough to win hearts, minds – and wallets.

That said, as shopping continues to move online and Amazon cuts itself a bigger slice of the retail pie, any and all designers should take a fresh look at how they sell to customers and explore different shopping and fulfillment models. While subscription boxes, pre-paid return labels, and bulk discounts may be more than most budding designers can afford, it will increasingly pay to look outside the box and start experimenting. The Prime Wardrobe box can be a good start.


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Smart Fabrics – New Functions In Fashion

Smart fabrics are bringing fashion design face-to-face with technology, and the possibilities are unlimited.

Smartwatches and activity trackers are on wrists everywhere. Virtual and augmented reality headsets give us a new modality of entertainment and learning. By 2020, wearable devices will represent a market worth of $40 billion with over 240 million annual unit shipments. A growing segment of wearables that integrate technology into fabrics in a visually seamless way is opening up a massive creative space for fashion designers in this highly technical market.

With their invisibly embedded technology, smart fabrics make donning wearables as second nature as throwing on a jacket before heading out the door. Invisible sensors and intelligent analytics provide what we’ve come to expect from wearable tech – communication, health data, exercise stats – and perform more advanced functions such as monitoring one’s emotional state, stress level, and ergonomic posture.

Embedded On The Go

Google’s Project Jacquard enables interactive technology to be woven into any textile. The tech giant has announced it’s partnering with Levi’s to create connected, interactive garments that combine the authentic feel and durability of denim with embedded technology that allows the wearer to interact with mobile devices in unprecedented ways. Scheduled for release in 2017, the Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket is designed to enable bicycle commuters to wirelessly control mobile devices through gestures and touch.

Jacquard is a conductive fabric technology developed by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group. Tiny components and conductive yarns attached to connectors and circuits allow the wearer to seamlessly interact with embedded technology. The fabric wirelessly transmits touch and gesture data to mobile devices, allowing users to control apps, manage calls, and use other smartphone features.

Jacquard yarns and fabrics can be produced using standard equipment already in use in mills around the world, and the fabric looks and feels just like the fabric consumers already wear every day. Fashion designers can use Jacquard in any garment without any knowledge of technology. This level of versatility means there is essentially no limit to who can use Jacquard in their designs, nor to the types of clothing that can be created.

From Physiology To Physicality

The possibilities of the intersection of wearable technology and fashion design don’t stop at wireless interaction with mobile devices. While most wearables detect physiology, BeBop’s smart fabrics sense physicality: presence, movement, weight, shape, force, location, and size. These measures are rendered as 3D maps of pressure, bend, location, rotation, angle, and torsion. The Berkeley, California-based company’s fabric contains embedded sensors, traces, and electronics using their proprietary Monolithic Fabric Sensor Technology. The only known viable fabric with these capabilities, it is also durable, lightweight, thin, washable, and more affordable than other sensor technologies.

BeBop’s main vertical is the automotive market, with applications in autonomous cars, safety, HMI (Human Machine Interfaces), and OCS (Occupant Classification System required for better airbag performance). BeBop’s other active markets are consumer health and IoT (Internet of things). With over a million sensors in daily use and $5 million in funding secured this month, BeBop’s smart fabric sensor technology has potential applications in almost every type of industry.

With a 67% increase in sales in the past year, wearables are one of the biggest emerging technology markets. As technologies become embedded into the very fabric of the clothing we wear, the potential for innovative and inspiring wearable tech apparel is unlimited. Powerful collaborations between fashion designers and product developers, component makers, electrical engineers, investors, medical device developers, textile manufacturers, and others will dramatically change the function of fashion in years to come.

Jesse Dombrowiak

Allison Andrews’ approach towards Fashion Week

In its eighth season, FWSD 2014 is  on the rise of establishing the coastal-beachside city of San Diego as a viable platform for fashion designers & industry  professionals from all over the world. The city of San Diego is becoming an ideal fashion destination for industry professionals to  showcase their latest collections with the support of visionary Allison Andrews, Founder & Director of FWSD. And, despite San Diego’s laid back fashion culture of beachwear attire with staple pieces of  tank tops and flip flops, Andrews exemplifies how San Diego embraces an immense appreciation for  high fashion couture, capturing the very pulse of San Diego with all its creativity and style. FWSD  is vastly becoming a place that encompasses everything in fashion—–because just like how art is subject to personal interpretation, so is fashion and Andrews feels it is important to see the uniqueness of each designer.  It is through her commitment and dedication that she is at the forefront of rallying community involvement, and vastly establishing the runways of San Diego to be a canvas for fashion designer to display their artistic creations,  while simultaneously providing consumers access to the latest trends and styles.

San Diego  is progressively becoming one of the major fashion capitals within the US—housing so much talent from their local designers while welcoming international talent from abroad.  It makes sense, since San Diego is already a major travel destination in the US and to merge San Diego’s tourism with fashion is an ideal location for designers to springboard their careers and get noticed and be seen.

FWSD is not trying to be anything else, but FWSD,” shares Andrews. “We were created to give a reputable and quality place for designers from everywhere in the world to show their collection to the general consumer, and [those in] the industry that can help them launch their career. This is what we do and what we stand for.” This is one of the major differences of FWSD, and its approach, because not only is it a showcasing to preview the latest trend-setting styles down the runway, FWSD  is evolving into a platform to help grow the fashion designers artistic creativity into a successful and lucrative business in the marketplace.  With FWSD, Andrews incorporates and offers business workshops along with personalized trunk shows to help promote brand recognition and provide designers that maximum exposure needed for their brand, leading up to the actual festivities of FWSD’s catwalk., which is usually held the first week of October.

Even fashion designer, Wilhelmina from Star Fashion House, who has been in the industry for over thirty years had the opportunity to participate in a personalized fashion luncheon and trunk show at La Jolla’s charmingly prestigious La Valencia Hotel.— reminiscent of a time when women would engage in having high tea and models would twirl about wearing the latest fashion and trends.  This was an ideal location for Wilhelmina to have women preview her latest collection prior to showcasing on the runways of FWSD.  And, since her clothing boutique is located within La Jolla, where she caters to the sophisticated high-society woman housing upscale ready-wear clothing with an emphasis of couture cocktail evening gowns and bridal fashions—having a private showing of her collection at La Valencia Hotel  was definitely the right venue for her.

Wilhelmina FWSD

And, as Andrews continues to break ground embracing all facets of fashion, it is no surprise that this year’s FWSD winner for “San Diego’s Top Designer of 2014”—-was awarded to A’doreus- a high fashion couture clothing line for the plus-size woman.  Sharlene Borromeo, creator and fashion designer of A’doreus,  has passionately dedicated her career in establishing more of a fashion selection and providing clothing options for the plus-size women. She designs contemporary and timeless pieces for the full-figured silhouette of a woman, and though she has been challenged with some of the negative comments regarding the difficulty with pre-conceived notions of taking plus-size women’s clothing and evolving it into mainstream high fashion, she has always stayed the course and now has achieved the recognition as “FWSD’s Top Designer of 2014.”

A'doreus FWSD 

As  Borromeo glances at her sketches, she fondly reflects on her overall experiences and all that she acquired and gained by participating in FWSD.  “FWSD and Allison hold the designers accountable, and it has taught me how to work through my weaknesses and capitalize on my strengths….I highly [recommend] any emerging designer  to participate in [FWSD].”  Borromeo  enthusiastically commented.   “There is no better way to learn how to work through the struggles than to just jump in and do it. But, the key element is to return a second year, so that you can quantitatively measure your progress, gain the momentum to continue, and dream bigger.”

“I am most proud of myself, because throughout this entire journey I was transparent and stuck to my vision.”


To learn more about FWSD, you could log onto: and to inquire on how to become one of the participating designers for the upcoming FWSD 2015, you could contact Indie Source’s PR/Marketing Dept at (858) 472-6204 and ask for Joyce

 To check out Wilhelmina and Star Fashion House and the latest with her evening cocktail and bridal wear, especially as we are fast approaching the holidays, log onto

To check out more about high-fashion couture plus-size fashions with Sharlene Borromeo and A’doreus, you could log onto


Wilhelmina FWSD '14

Jesse Dombrowiak

Raw Artists Showcasing in LA: i.CTZN

Hollywood’s Walk of Fame was definitely lined up with rising stars, as the spotlight was set on all the emerging artists at LA’s RAW Showcase held earlier this spring on Sunday April 13th at the stylishly plush nightclub, OHM. RAW Artists came out and walked the red carpet, displaying their one-of-a-kind pieces from—photography, artwork, costume and design, & we cannot & must not forget the fashion. Indie Source is all about the fashion, supporting designers with their vision as it comes to life on the runway for these aspiring independent designers. And, as supporters of i.ctzn and RAW Artists, Indie Source was there to take it all in to check out all the indie artists.

However, this past Hollywood showcasing was merely one of the several RAW Artist platforms that RAW hosts throughout the year in cities throughout the United States and internationally to provide these independently talented artists a venue to display and showcase their art. RAW Artists embraces all genres of artistic expression with the intention to promote these artists, and provide them avenues to network and build on their professional career as artists. RAW Artists events are truly a coming together of all kinds of creative talent housed under one roof for an evening of sheer artistry. You will definitely experience a unique mix of talent once you’ve attended a RAW Artist showcase.

The venues are fun, upbeat, and fiercely eclectic, lining up musical acts that can include a female punk band accompanied by electrifying sounds of guitars; to performance art utilizing visual imagery of laser lights; or a full-on theatrical stage performance of costume design and make-up gruesomely displayed on the stage, making attendees feel as if you were watching a scene straight out from a horror flick. Not to mention the presentation and displays of artwork presented with interwoven barbwire fences utilized as backdrops, creating that edgy underground feeling. And, for Indie RAW Artist, it’s all about creatively presenting their own individual message of expression of how they want to be heard and seen. Just as one of the exhibitors, Los Angeles-based jewelry designer, Toni Kohn, displayed her gorgeous pieces of accented gold cuff accessories to beautifully designed custom cocktail rings that any female owning her collection of jewelry would be the envy.

And, as i.CTZN strutted their latest Fall 2014 collection that displayed a sharp sophistication of their military-style statement pieces with an edgy contemporary interpretation of style, i.CTZN was honored as a RAW Artist for the evening and closed the fashion show. “It is great to be recognized as a RAW artist and to be [selected] to show our unique fashion line,” Gao and Krusemark shared. “We [received] wonderful feedback at the show and enjoyed the other artists…creativity….It was a great experience to [have the opportunity to] debut our FALL 2014 collection to the Hollywood area.”

 To become part of a RAW Artist event is an extremely unforgettable visually stimulating experience. “RAW’s mission is to provide up-and-coming artists of all creative realms with tools, resources, and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity, so that they might be seen, heard, and loved RAW educates connects and exposes emerging artists in over 60 artistic communities across the United States, Australia, Canada, and the U.K. through monthly showcase events. [RAW Artists] wants you to join them in celebrating the work of these artists.”

 To learn more about RAW Artists, log onto, and follow i.CTZN and check out their next fashion show and to view their latest collection, log onto

Raw Artist: i.CTZN

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Dominant American Trends 2014

The dominant trends of 2014 will be : arty style, floral prints, sewing street, wrinkled by gold, summer fur, ethereal transparency … inspired trends but also varied and controlled for a feminine silhouette, an insured approach, always noticed. Let’s see the fashion tendency seen on the podium of the parades spring-summer 2014.

Projected American Trends 2014 (4)


From the Mondrian’s dress from Yves Saint Laurent to the several collaborations begun by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuiton, art and fashion have always been a narrow tie which continue to inspire designers. Brushstroke for Celine, pad to drawing taken as an accessory for Chanel … art comes in our summer dressing room. Brush, spray can or charcoal, next summer will be inspired !


Wrinkled by gold: 

Elaborated in a sewing way or very discreetly in the wrinkled skirt, gold comes to Haider Ackermann, Proenza Schouler or even Dries


Tribal patterns : 

Africa, Japan or Latin America, spring and summers collections 2014 are full of folklore. Precious embroidery, tribal jewels, art of drape or printed … The trend has been located with Givenchy, Valentino or Alexander Mc Queen, to adopt and travel with its summer dressing After the blue navy, the black and the bright red of this winter, pinkish comes to soften our summer’s dressing room 2014. It is declined in soft and sweet shades, for a soft silhouette. This trend will be seen by Balmain, Isabel Marant and Alexander Wang.

Projected American Trends (2)

Floral Print : 

Romantism blows on spring and summer fashion 2014. Flowers for Dolce & Gabbana, tropical flore for Christian Dior, lace for Berberry Prorsum… flowers are everywhere ! A good way to adopt a rural look

Projected American Trends 2014 (3)

Ethereal Transparency :

To be revealed subtlety, suggest more than we show… Dresses, tops or skirts, veils are imposing on all of our summer clothes. An ultra feminine tendancy seen at Balenciaga, Nina Ricci or Calvin Klein


Sport spirit : 

An athletic look comes with olympic colors with white, red, bleu or even orange and satiny materials or more classical in cotton, for a cool, sportwear and dynamic look. We will see it at Gucci, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger.


Wrinkled effets :

Aerial for Chloé, delicate for Dior, assymetric for Bottega Veneta, wrinkled is one of the key effect for the Spring/Summer 2014. That is another trend for the season.


Summer Fur : 

Why do we have to wait the cold winter to wear fur ? Ultra luxury, fur does not need to be keeped for cold days : brilliantly colored and without sleeve, for Dolce and Gabbana and Miu Miu, hawaian prints

Projected American Trends 2014 (4)

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Spring Summer 2014 Trend Report

The thirteen year old version of me squealed for joy when viewing what was new (or shall I say, recycled?) for Spring 2014. The major trends coming this year seem to bring back the 90’s style, elevated to a more womanly, elegant feel, leaving behind the tom-boyish, grunge silhouettes of generations past. The biggest trends noticeable this runway season were the evolution of the exposed midriff, or the “crop top,” the nouveau sporty chic look, sheer paneling, white collar or “elegant menswear,” fringe, and cool metallics. 2014 reinvents styles that were all the craze when I was just a child, too young to wear such provocative fashions. Twenty-somethings rejoice!

Our time has finally arrived to fully revel in 90’s flare with a new twist all our own.

SPORTY CHIC was most apparent in this years collections created by Jil Sander, Vera Wang, Tommy Hilfiger and many others. Bringing back the crop tops, bomber jackets and shift blouses of the past and adding our current aesthetic to the runway, designers have created an effortless look to flood street fashionistas for the year to come. Ready to wear fashions combined with that ripped up t-shirt in the back of your closet will make an easy (and more affordable!) transition into 2014. It’s all about the combination of styles. Adding something new and fancy to your old (probably even 90’s) pre-existing wardrobe pieces will help create this years hottest runway looks!

Fashion Trends 2014

Fashion Trend 2014 (2)


Fashion Trends 2014 (3)


Fashion Trends 2014 (4)

Keep it minimalist by sticking to one colour as seen in collections by Vera Wang and Jil Sander, or add a pop of colour if wanting to follow along the lines of Karen Walker, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger. Sporty Chic is everyday ready to wear for the young fashionista.

Another trend this year, seen on every runway from Paris to New York, has been SHEER PANELING. Following along the same lines as minimalist chic and their creative use of crop tops, it envelopes the look with a layer of sheer fabric over top. It gives the illusion of exposed skin, yet never truly exposing the flesh outright for the more conservative. I personally find this trend very exciting because the combination of the use of single monochromatic colour pallets along side the sexiness of sheer creates a very elegant silhouette for the modern woman. We’ve seen a lot of this in collections by none other than 90’s fashion gods Calvin Klein (of course!) Lacoste and many others.

Fashion Trends 2014 (5)


We also see this application of Sheer Layering in the Fringe style which I’ll touch on later.

COOL METALLICS were huge in the 70’s, had a small resurgence in the 90’s, and are too good to put away for long because they’re coming back again this year! Altuzarra created a beautiful knee length silver dress that I’m sure many woman could use as an elevated staple in their wardrobes this summer.

Fashion Trends 2014 (6)

Saint Laurent and Tom Ford followed suit by creating their own versions of this “wow-factor” look. I don’t know about you, but I feel that my wardrobe is now incomplete until I have one of these metallic gems in my possession!

Fashion Trends 2014 (7)


Fashion Trends 2014 (8)

Pair them with a bold shoe or a red lip and your look is complete without having to continuously add more pieces! The beauty of Cool Metallics is that there’s no need to over accessorize, keep it simple and let the garment speak for itself.

FRINGE this year seemed to be effortlessly paired with BLACK AND WHITE, in turn creating beautifully two toned masterpieces. This is not the fringe of our Mothers and Grandmothers.

Fashion Trends 2014 (9)

Emilio Pucci was able to add a crazy pattern with fringe, while keeping it classy with an easy Black and White palette. The pop of colour in the shoe completes the look beautifully.

Two designers, Missoni and J.W. Anderson, created a whole new twist on fringe with a beautiful drape. The first is a modern incarnation of a roaring 20’s flapper dress, which is wearable anywhere thanks to the casual looking underlay. The second, looks like an inverted peplum made with more pliable fabrics as opposed to the rather stiff fabrics usually used. The use of modern fringe this season, creates looks I haven’t much seen before, but I have a feeling they will be around for a long while.

Fashion Trends 2014 (10)

Fashion Trends 2014 (11)

Casual yet elegant, classy but comfortable, these are among my favourites of the season.

Last, but certainly not least, we are seeing a lot of menswear once again. The newest incarnation shows a tighter fitting, more feminine feel. Plunging necklines are adding a sexy element to the once androgynous look. Donna Karan has created a crisp look with this WHITE COLLAR/MENSWEAR shirt-dress.

Fashion Trends 2014 (12)

Looking like you got out of bed late at your boyfriends house and not wanting to wear that metallic party dress from the night before, you simply put on one of his shirts. Or in this case, a fully acceptable (and adorable) street wear version of a mans dress shirt. This easy to wear look, in my predictions, will be a huge one this year. Every girl wants to look cute in her boyfriends clothes, now you can achieve that look anytime, no boyfriend required.

SPRING/SUMMER 2014 shows us that slightly elevating our minimalist, ready to wear trends from the 90’s, adding simple Black and White pallets with pops of colour reserved for the lip or shoe, sheer paneling or layering with beautiful crops, high waisted skirts, topped off with funky bomber jackets, and cooling down at night with illustrious metallic dresses make for a powerhouse woman this year. Keeping it simple is the key. It’s all about the laid back style creating a cool look for our modern woman. 90’s kids celebrate! For we finally have our childhood dreams coming true (well for me at least.) We’re old enough to bring back the style we grew up watching our cousins and Kate Moss wear all through our youth. As fashion is a constant revolving door, this year it stops to open on (what I believe) to be the best comeback in years.

—-Kirsten Buch

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