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Universal Dialect

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A Worldwide Wish Meet Nick Costelloe of the clothing company Universal Dialect. A passionate creator and persistent dreamer, Nick has created a company that not only enriches the lives of those who wear his garments but many others around the world. Universal Dialect makes high-quality athletic apparel and donates a soccer ball to a kid…

How to manage your apparel business?

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Small Businesses Design and Development As a small business owner, it can be a matter of success and failure if you don’t manage your business well. Being one with many years within the garment industry as a cut and sew manufacturer, we have learned a lot. Add on the experience of working for multi-million dollar…

2020 Vision

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Make 2020 the Year you…  Hey everyone! It’s time to make your New Years Resolution. 2020 is The Year of PERFECT VISION which means starting today we here at Indie Source are setting you up on a clear path for success. What inspires you? What motivates you? Find it in 2020 and let’s work together…

Let’s Get Printing!

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Beautiful Embellishments Have a design idea and aren’t sure how to make the artwork POP? Look no further because in this article we’ll be taking you through some of the most popular methods of printing that you can use for your clothing! Beautiful Embellishments As a clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles, we pride ourselves in…

Cori and Her Story

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Meet Cori Michelle Cori learned sewing from her grandmother by designing clothes for her Barbies. She’s been designing since she was a child, but it wasn’t until she moved from Wyoming to Los Angeles and visited Indie Source that she made the first steps towards pursuing her dream of launching a fashion brand. . Making…

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Behind The Scenes of Production

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Here it is! Your official sneak peek into a real Los Angeles production facility. See what goes on behind the scenes and meet the people who are making the magic happen. From printing to stitching, we here at Indie Source are setting you up with our director of production Judy Wong to give you an…

Fitting For Perfection

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Let’s Get Fitted Are you looking to get your newest sketch brought to life? Are you ready to start selling all the beautiful clothes you’ve designed? We got you covered! In fact, our expert pattern maker Lana is here to make sure your pieces fit exactly how they should, EVERY TIME. As a clothing manufacturer…

Take Action And Make It Happen

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Take Action And Make It Happen It’s incredible that you’ve even gotten to this point in your career as a designer and a business person. Truly, the commitment it takes to take action on your interests even to be reading this blog goes to show that you have what it takes. Now it’s time to…

Our Famous Fabric Library

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Need fabric? Indie Source’s fabric sample library is a great resource that helps meet our fashion needs. Mark takes us on a tour of the different fabrics found within our signature fabrics. If you’re looking for flannel, poly spandex, jersey, terry cloth, Eco-friendly or cotton-blend fabrics, all are part of the library! Currently, we’re developing…

Our Project Managers Got Your Back

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Hello Fashion Professionals!  You’ve heard about our development kick off meeting. You brought in your reference samples and completed development cheat sheet. But what happens after you decide to work with us?  Today I am going to let you in on what its like. Our process is to connect you to one of our Project Managers.…

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