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  • 12/20/2019

Cori and Her Story

Cori and Her Story

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Meet Cori Michelle

Cori learned sewing from her grandmother by designing clothes for her Barbies. She’s been designing since she was a child, but it wasn’t until she moved from Wyoming to Los Angeles and visited Indie Source that she made the first steps towards pursuing her dream of launching a fashion brand.

Making it really happen

She’s putting together the final touches of her entire first collection with Indie Source, including, dresses, separates, tops, and skirts, all pieces with unique prints designed to transition from day to night.

In our first-ever brand documentary that we’ve produced for our clients, Cori shares:
  • How her grandmother inspired her
  • What motivated the move to LA
  • What makes her brand different
  • What excited her the most about the process
  • And her experience working with Indie Source
As part of our commitment to partnering with our clients and setting them up for success, we’re doing what other manufacturers don’t, helping new fashion entrepreneurs not only develop their collections, but tell their stories.
After all, your brand story will be essential to your fashion business. 
With Indie Source, fashion entrepreneurs can launch their brands with marketing content–professional video and photography–already in their arsenal. 

watch the magic happen

Here is the making of Cori Michelle, Cori’s namesake brand! You can follow her story on Instagram or by signing up for emails at Cori Michelle

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