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  • 02/04/2020

Creating a Brand Story for a Successful Fashion Business

Creating a Brand Story for a Successful Fashion Business

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The World is Waiting to Hear Your Story

But where to begin?

Okay, so you picked a name for your brand. You created a logo and your notebooks are full of ideas and sketches that the world needs to see. But something is missing. Your company needs a brand story, and it needs a good one.

A brand story is more than just choosing a slogan or a catchphrase, but that’s a great place to start.

Any details that explain who your company is, why you exist, and what’s your purpose will all wrap up to create your brand story and there’s no one better to get advice about developing your story than Manpreet Kalra, a digital marketing and business coach for artofcitizenry.com. Manpreet works with conscious and creative businesses on their marketing strategies and was super excited to share some tips with us on how to build a strong brand story and how to effectively communicate it to your audience.

Quality, quality, quality.

The focus of your brand should be to provide quality products and quality content to your customers that provide them with value.

Real value. Manpreet explains how a brand story founded on quality will speak 10X more than any single narrative you’ve attached to your brand. This is why Indie Source’s American-made production team is ready to turn your great ideas into high-quality products (Click that link!). Product hand, texture, resiliency, comfort and drape are all elements that your consumers will look for and our job is to deliver the highest quality products possible.

Along with creating a brand story, brands are also faced with the task of building brand loyalty, which is arguably the most valuable asset to any company. Manpreet explains that the best way to create brand loyalty is by creating quality content and sharing it with your audience. She recommends emails and social media as two mediums that will greatly benefit your business if you’re consistent and creative.

Social Media

Social might not be the best platform for converting sales, but it’s amazing for creating brand awareness and making your audience feel connected to your story. A great way to do this is by showing behind the scenes content. Bring your audience behind the scenes to your fun and exciting processes and make them feel like they’re part of the brand by introducing them to the people who are already making their products. You can do this on just one or two social media platforms at first, but over time you can branch out to other channels.


Along with social media, you should be sending out quality email campaigns to your customers that will let them know about the hottest news relating to your brand and your online sales. Manpreet urges brands to send out a high number of emails to their audience because if the receiver likes your brand, they will be glad your name is in their inbox.

Finally, Manpreet is happy to spark our brains with the question, “Why does your brand exist?” Once you answer this question, you are on your way to delivering high quality products to your customers while making them feel like part of your mission. So what are you waiting for? Contact Indie Source and let’s get working on turning your unique story into refined products.

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