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Development Overview


First, we collect any reference samples you may have and your application form. Then your project manager will help set up financial targets and confirm your material and fit details.


We work with local vendors to source high quality materials and ensure we hit your target price points. Choosing in-stock items can dramatically reduce lead times.


Work with our expert pattern makers to engineer the features and fit of each style. Patterns are the blueprint from which all clothing is made from.


Our Sample Makers hand cut and sew your garments with expert detail. Samples are made to test fit and functionality.


Here you’ll have a fitting with our team and identify alterations for your next round of samples. While our competitors average 5 revisions, we average 1 to 2.


With your sample approved, we are ready to begin pre-production. Place your purchase order to begin your first production run!

Here’s what’s included in each phase of development


  • Fabrics
  • Trims
  • Printing
  • Tags/Labels
  • Dyeing/Washes

  • Face Cards
  • Flat Sketches
  • Sewing Instructions
  • Digital DXF patterns
  • Production Ready Tech Pack

  • T-Shirt / Tanks
  • Sweatshirt/ Joggers
  • Underwear/Swimwear
  • Button Downs / Jackets
  • Woven Pants / Knit Leggings

Ready To Get Started?

The first step is a project evaluation for $197. During this meeting, you’ll meet your Project Manager and establish all of the details of your project so we can develop a quote including styles, fabrics, trims, patterns, timelines, and target costs. At the end of this meeting, you’ll have everything you need to finally start your fashion line!

Short Business Consultation

What’s stopping you from moving forward with your line? Is it financials, development, manufacturing, or marketing? Join our founders Zach Hurley and Jesse Dombrowiak in an exclusive one-on-one fashion business consultation that will answer the questions holding you back.

In this 30 minute session, you can draw from Zack and Jesse’s combined pool of knowledge and gain invaluable industry insights which will save you dozens, if not hundreds of hours, in planning the development of your line. Zack and Jesse will help you get clarity on your project’s feasibility before you jump into development and production.

Among their accomplishments, Zack and Jesse:

  • Helped thousands of designers launch their line
  • Have a network of thousands of fashion professionals
  • Were selected for Forbes’ 2018 30 Under 30 in Manufacturing
  • Were featured in Apparel News, the Los Angeles Times, and more

What you’ll get out of it:

  • The combined wisdom of top experts in the business of fashion
  • Clarity on your specific project and steps to move forward
  • Referrals to Indie Source’s extensive network of fashion professionals

This is a standalone consultation, but if you do decide to move forward with a Product Development Planning Meeting, the fee for the Short Business Consultation can be put towards the meeting – your consultation with Zack and Jesse will be free!

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Product Development Planning Meeting

Indie Source works with you to plan your collection. We map out each style, identify fabric and trim, pattern directives, and details like timeline, retail and manufacturing target price points.

  • Define and conceptualize design ideas into sample styles.
  • Review sample styles, complete product development form with your consultant.
  • Set delivery and timeline expectations.
  • Review desired retail/wholesale/Manufacturing price points
  • Deconstruct Material, Fit and Construction Reference Samples.
  • Project Quote offered

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