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  • 08/13/2021

Do You Have To Know How To Draw To Start Your Own Clothing Line?

Do You Have To Know How To Draw To Start Your Own Clothing Line?

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An endless line of obstacles stand between a dreamer and their goals, and more so when the goal is to start your own clothing line. But while some roadblocks might seem insurmountable, almost all of them can be overcome with the right approach, persistence, and a little bit of knowledge.

Not knowing how to draw is one of the most common perceived problems aspiring fashion entrepreneurs face. Many people think you have to be able to sketch and draw patterns to be a fashion designer, but there’s no reason to put off your dreams and ambitions due to a lack of artistic ability. As a clothing manufacturer, we help brands bring their fashion lines to life without ever requiring sketches or technical drawings. So here’s everything you need to know to start a clothing line without knowing how to draw.

So how do you start your own clothing line without fashion sketches?

When it comes to success in the fashion industry, the most important things to bring to the table are new ideas, entrepreneurial ability, and perseverance. As long as you’ve got these things, you’re well on your way to being successful. This doesn’t mean that it won’t take hard work, but one of the most essential parts of getting started is forging the right connections between your brand and the experts who will help it succeed. 

1 | Identify gaps in your skillset and seek out partners who can fill them

To begin, you’ll want to find experienced pattern-makers and drafters to help turn your ideas into designs. Getting things down on paper properly is just the first step in a long, involved process. Even once you have the designs down, you’ll need to network with clothing manufacturers, distributors, graphic designers, and maybe even SEO experts to help your brand stand out.

Just because you’re not an expert in every field, yourself, doesn’t mean you can’t start a clothing brand. You just have to know what you want and then rely on experts to fill in the technical gaps. Indie Source clients gain access to our services in all these areas and more. Learn more about how our pattern-makers and clothing manufacturing services support fashion entrepreneurs.

2 | Collect reference samples to help communicate your clothing concepts

In most cases, fashion sketches won’t actually help a manufacturer understand your desired outcome. When it comes to making final products, you’ll need measurements and materials and patterns and stitches—and none of those components are present in preliminary sketches. So starting out with no drawing ability isn’t the setback most people think it is.

The best way to get help iron out details is to bring in reference samples, which are real-world examples of what you like. Show your manufacturer a specific neckline on your favorite sweater. Point out a stitch pattern on a thrifted piece you like. Show them a blended material you can’t find anymore and ask if they can source something similar. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then reference samples are well worth a thousand fashion sketches!

Find your niche in fashion design

Having lofty goals in fashion design can help you find the hunger to succeed, but when you’re starting out, think small and work your way up. The best piece of advice that experienced fashion entrepreneurs have for those just getting their feet wet is to find an unexplored niche. 

Attempting to outcompete an established brand will be expensive and difficult. If you narrow your focus, however, you’ll be able to better understand your audience and cater to their desires. Big, established brands can really struggle to keep their ears to the ground and spot new trends. This means that you can spot an unexplored void in the fashion market and fill this niche with your designs, your originality, and your signature.

Starting your own clothing line without drawing

By leveraging the expertise of professionals and adding your own unique twist, you can start a successful clothing brand. Finding your niche and filling it with clothing designs that speak to your target audience, will set you off to a solid start. You may find yourself doing some amount of drawing to communicate with your team, but they’ll do the heavy lifting when it comes to turning your dreams into fashion reality.

Explore what it will take to launch your line with an Indie Source kick off meeting! We go over reference samples and get to know you and your brand. Set expectations and budgets and learn what’s possible for the future of your clothing line with the experts who make dreams a reality.

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