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  • 09/08/2020

Entrepreneurship 101: To get it all done, you can’t do it all

Entrepreneurship 101: To get it all done, you can’t do it all

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Entrepreneurs tend to be take charge, problem solving creatives who seek to fully develop ideas and bring them to life while overseeing all aspects of their business. But the reality is, if you are trying to do it all you are missing out on the expertise, knowledge, and guidance from experts who have done what you are seeking to do and can not only help guide your business in the right direction, but can also help you avoid huge pitfalls you might not see coming. 

Ensuring your vision is properly executed and your product and brand accurately represents your mission and values is critical, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t entrust specialized tasks with experts and ask for creative advice from those in your industry to give you a fresh perspective. 


The value of hiring the right team to expertly execute your vision is immense. As the CEO and creative director of your brand, you still get to call the shots, but instead of inefficiently using time to research and execute when you lack experience, working with a team of experts, like the development, marketing, and production teams at Indie Source will free you up to ensure everything is being done exactly as you envision. 


Here are 3 reasons why it’s essential to hire a team of experts to start your fashion brand (and YES, that’s team Indie Source!):



Increases productivity

Productivity is enhanced when responsibilities are assigned to experts who can thoroughly and efficiently complete the task at hand. At Indie Source, if you’re not an experienced designer, bring in reference samples and our pattern makers can help you draft an original design that brings together all of the elements you want your product to have. Not only do reference samples increase productivity, but you will more accurately start with a product in line with your vision. 



Saves you time and money

Sourcing material can be a daunting task. Without the proper knowledge and network of industry resources, those who take the DIY route often end up overpaying and giving their business to unreliable partners. Our project managers have been working in product development, sourcing, and production for decades. They can get you direct access to the best resources and negotiate the best rates for your products. 



Keeps you from spreading yourself too thin

One of the most important reasons to hire a company like Indie Source is so you don’t spread yourself too thin. Having too much on your plate is not only difficult for you, it can be disastrous for keeping your brand launch on schedule. With a complete development team, multiple aspects of the project can be worked on simultaneously. If you are doing everything yourself, this can easily add months to your development and result in a lot of unnecessary back and forth between your freelancers who might not be communicating with each other. What seemed easier and more cost efficient often ends up taking the longest and costing the most. Start your business with the team it deserves. 



To learn more about how Indie Source can help you get it all done, book a Development Kick Off Meeting with us. Our team will walk you through each step of the development and manufacturing process and ensure you are crystal clear on what you need to put into, and what you will get out of, the apparel development process. We will get you production ready and can help you market your brand before the product is even delivered (in fact, we recommend this!). Learn more here. Make it happen.

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