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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Designs


Yes! We will support you at whatever stage you are in. You do not need a fashion degree or to have experience in this industry. You do need to have a strong commitment to building your brand. If this is just a hobby, we are not for you. We put blood sweat and tears into your product and we expect you to do the same with your business at large. We are your team. We have got your back. Let’s get to work!

Yes! We not only work with fashion brands all across the US. but in many other countries around the world. If we are sourcing for you we make it very simple. Two identical fabric & trim books are created and well labeled. One is sent to you, and the second stays with us. Once you receive your materials, you’ll hop on the phone with your project manager to review and select your materials. As we complete your first round of samples, we will again work virtually if you are not based in Los Angeles. We send you a sample set in the mail and your pattern maker and project manager will hold a virtual fitting to get your feedback and alterations from the first round.

Product Development time can vary drastically depending on how much information the brand brings to us. For example, programs that include making custom fabric and custom dye can take many months longer than projects where our brands choose from in stock pre-dyed options. It all depends on how specific and how custom you need your collection to be. One way to increase speed and efficiency is to know exactly which styles you will be producing, have clear information on your desired fit as well as artwork files vectorized and ready to be sent for printing or label creation. If you have specific deadlines for your development, make sure to let us know and we will map out a timeline for completion together.

Please click the link below to get a better understanding of what we need to know to begin a program. The more we know upfront the better we can estimate timelines.


Please make a copy and fill this out to the best of your ability to bring to your kickoff meeting.

During our famous Development Kickoff Meeting you will actually get to sit down with our Brand Consultants, experts in this industry with decades of experience to share your idea and ask questions. Normally, this kind of thing is sold for well beyond $197 but we’re offering this as a way to get new designers in the door and with real time to speak to an expert. If you do not have a fashion degree, this is a must before starting your project so that we can confirm viability of your styles and project expectations.

During the meeting here’s what we’ll do together:

  • Define and conceptualize design ideas into sample styles.
  • Review samples and complete product development form
  • Set delivery and timeline expectations.
  • Review desired retail/wholesale/Manufacturing price points
  • Deconstruct material, fit, and construction reference samples
  • Brand Consultant will build a custom development quote based on your specific collection.



  1. Project Manager : Main point of contact, leader and mentor, sourcer of materials and captain of the project. 
  2. Pattern Maker – Fit Engineer with decades of experience in making all different kinds of garment types. 
  3. Sample Cutters & Sewer – Highly skilled builders of products and prototypes from scratch
  4. Production Advisor – Your go-to to talk about your plans for production and make sure you’re setup for success. 
  5. Director of Development – Oversees development department, solves problems, drives efficiencies. Always available for clients if there is anything that needs to be escalated. 

Fabrics, trim and any setup costs for printing or dye are paid directly to the vendors that you select during the process. In this way, our clients are able to know true costs for their products and have a direct relationship with their vendors.

With that said below are some examples of current market prices so you have a general awareness:


Average Sample Yardage costs – 

Sample Yardage ranges from $25-$150 Depending on (Weight, Fabric composition, In stock or Special Order)



Screen Printing Artwork – screens are $20 per color

setups are $20 per design. $1-2 for Prints 8×11 or smaller @300units


ScreenPrinting Artworks (2nd Option) – 

$4.90/pc 50-99 pc; $4.50/pc over 100. Screens are $60 per color

4 colors is $60X4


Screen Printing Main Labels –  

$4.90/pc 50-99 pc; $4.50/pc over 100

screens are $60 per color

4 color is $60X4


Sublimation (Primary Option) –  $65 setup fee per file/artwork which is for critical color matching, file setup and 15”x15” strike offs for approval.

 1 – 49 Yards                 $10 / Yard        Multiple Patterns         1 Week

50 – 99  Yards                 $6 / Yard          Multiple Patterns         1 Week

100 – 499 Yards             $5 / Yard          Multiple Patterns         1-2 Weeks

500 – 999 Yards             $4.50 / Yard    Multiple Patterns         2 Weeks

1000+                                $2.75/yard      1-4 Patterns                   4 Weeks


Sublimation (2nd Option) – 

1-5 yards- $75/yrd | 6-25 $25/yrd | 26-100 $12/yrd | 101-500 $9/yrd

(Orders under 500 yards are subjected to $100 set up charge)


Digital Wet Printing (Primary Choice) – (Darker colors are a bit more expensive)

200-499 $3/yrd | 100-199 $4/yrd | 1 roll (80+) $5/yrd | 0-10 $300/yrd


Digital Wet Printing (Alt Choice) – $30 per yard of strike-off ($30 min charge) + the Cost of Fabric Production PRINTING Charges:

5 – 25 yds = $30 per yard + fabric 

26 – 100 yds = $20 per yard + fabric

101 – 300 yds   = $15 per yard + fabric


Digital Wet Printing (Alt Choice) – Screens $200 per color (Flat Screen) 2 or more color Designs 

Screen $350 (Rotary Screen) 1 Color Designs 


Orders under 1000 yds are subject to 

  • Pigment Print Setup Charge $350
  • Wet Print Setup charge $400

Pigment Printing $1.50 per yard

Wet Printing $1.75 a yard 

Discharge Printing $1.75 per yard

Adding Blackout $0.75 per yard

 **Strike-offs are only done with a production order** (Pigment Strike-offs $75 per design and color + $2 per yard (1-5 yards) | Wet print Strike-offs $75 per design and color (1 yard)


Strike-off Charge:

$30 per yard of strike-off ($30 min charge) + the Cost of Fabric

Production Minimum is 100 yards per design / color.

44/45” Digital Print Pricing Width up to 60”

Light Coverage – $4.00 Light Coverage – $5.50

Medium Coverage – $7.00 Medium Coverage – $9.00

Heavy Coverage – $10.00 Heavy Coverage – $12.50


Direct to Garment Printing (digital) –  (25 min)

$10.85/pc on white @25 units 

$14.65/pc on black/colored @25 units 

$5.31/pc on white @300 units 

$7.18/pc on black/colored @300 units 

$4.67/pc on white @600 units


Reactive Printing – 

PRINTING COST ONLY – Price per yard $9.00

There will be a minimum charge of $250.00 per pattern for all DTF printing:


Print repeats longer than 24 inches add +25%

to both the printing and the fabric price.

Print reactive colors only on fabric supplied by DDP.

The cost of the fabric you choose to print on is in addition to these prices.


Rotary Printing – 

$1.75/yrd 1 color ; $2.25/yrd 3 colors

Screen $350 (Rotary)

Set-up Charge $150 


Panel Printing (Digital) – 

$12/yrd when 100+ yds | $200 setup fee if under 1000 yards | 2 yards or $200 min.



(Timeline) 1 week for Shrink Test 2 weeks for lap dips


Fabric Roll Dyeing + Lab Dips – 

Med. shade- $1.25-1.35/pound 

Set Up: typically $250 surcharge for small batch / Color | 16 roll minimum


Fabric Yardage Dyeing – 

$2/yd | Minimum of $85 | 200 yards = $400 no price break 

Garment Dye + Lab Dips – 

$2.20/pc | 50 pounds or $85 – No price break

Lab Dips – $30/color 

Tie Dye – $4-10/pc

Laundering – $0.60/yr

Distressing – $0.85-$1/yrd



Regular Damask Woven Label & Standard Hang Tags – $225/1000 pieces


Poly Bag – $27/1000pc 9X12

                   $55/1000 pc 10 X15 

      $86 1000 pc 14X16



Embroidery – $1.5/piece



Elastic pieces – 2″ heat set – $0.163/yrd 

Elastic pieces- 2″ – $0.14/yrd

Jacquard Elastic – US $0.50 -$1.00/ Yard

500 Yards(Min. Order)

Drawstrings – $0.80/yr – 144 Yard min

Button 18L – $4/gross (144 pieces in a gross)

Metal Zipper 15 inch – $0.80/pc – $2.00

Metal Zipper 4.5 automatic pull – $0.27/pc 

Plastic Zipper 15 inch – $0.23/pc

Custom Zipper Slider – $0.25-$1/pc

Rivets – $0.02/pc – $20/1000 pc

Plastic Zipper 15 inch – $0.73/pc

Invisible Zipper 4 – $0.23/pc

Custom Zipper Slider – $0.25-$1/pc


AVERAGE SHIPPING COST in CA – (UPS) (FEDEX) (USPS) – $20 – $150 (depending on weight, distance, dimensions, and shipping method)

Please have our development cheatsheet filled out 

Download Development Cheatsheet

Please also have your reference samples on hand. Do not send to Indie Source until after we begin working together.

Ready to order


Our Minimum Order Quantity for production of most styles is 300 units per style/color. Garment complexity, as well as the availability of fabric desired, are other things that influence minimums. Send in a finished sample as well as order information for a quick quote from us! We urge our brands to come up with the right target quantity and price that they need for their business rather than automatically producing whatever the minimum is. This puts you in control and allows us to focus on the things that matter. If it’s too low for us, we’ll let you know and point you to other manufacturers who can help. Remember, even if a manufacturer has a fixed labor minimum you need to make sure that whatever fabric vendor you’re ordering from also fits within that number.

For example, say our minimum is 300 units – however you want to break this down into 2 colors. You are making underwear which utilizes .25 yards. The minimum of the fabric is say 100 yards. this means that with each color you will produce approximately 400 pairs of underwear. You have two options. Find a vendor with a lower minimum or order the 100 yards per color.

Sourcing is not a straight forward process but our team is here to guide and support you each step of the way.

Knits and Woven’s. This includes loungewear/basics, activewear, contemporary fashion, and of course many inventions 😉 We prioritize sustainable materials and urge our clients to produce as close to where their end customers are as possible.

We don’t currently manufacture lingerie, socks, hats, shoes or accessories.

Different processes each have different lead times. Within development as well as within production. Imagine asking how long it takes to build a building – as you can imagine it depends on many factors and you should ask your indie source rep for help with coming up with a timeline.

With that said here are some industry standards & Averages that may help you map out your timeline

Custom milled fabric – Add 4-6 weeks


The standard production lead time is from six to eight weeks, depending on the availability of the material or complexity of the design. If you use an in-stock item, your lead time may be lower. The lead time increases if you use a custom fabric or trim. If you use custom milled fabric or trim, for example, an additional three to six weeks may be needed; any other send outs such as custom screen printing and embroidery, garment dyed, specialty wash, etc., will also increase the lead time, which will vary.

1 Relax Fabric & Cut 5
2 Printing 5-10
3 Sewing 15-20 (will vary depending on complexity)
4 Trim & Finish 3
5 Fold & Pack & Inspect 2-4
6 Invoice & Ship 1-2
Total 31-44 days


Indie Source Process

If custom fabrics are needed it will require a minimum of 4-5 weeks to produce fabrics before any production is started. If this is your first production run we HIGHLY recommend using available in-stock fabrics here in downtown Los angeles. We have access to millions of yards of fabric here and relationships with 60+ mills and suppliers. This will get you to market faster and save you significant money.

We do not print on demand. The reason is because we are making all of our products custom whereas a print on demand mondel utilizes stock pre-made garments then prints on them. We recommend creating your own look and feel rather than utilizing blanks however we understand that for some businesses starting with blanks is a great initial start before they can move onto cut and sew.  

Photography, Fashion E-commerce Websites, Growth Marketing

Growth Marketing

Our Marketing programs are designed to put our fashion brands in the best possible position to earn a return on their investment quickly. We support them with a highly converting shopify website, high qualiy photography and growth marketing services that get them traffic, data and sales quickly. Please visit the marketing section of our website to learn more about how we help fashion brands sell.


Indie Source