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  • 10/29/2021

First steps to take when starting your own clothing line

First steps to take when starting your own clothing line

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Starting up a fashion line is an exciting endeavor, but it can also be challenging. In addition to being passionate about fashion you’ll need to have good business sense and consider a few key aspects that determine how to prepare and launch your own fashion brand before diving in.


1 | Understand your audience and brand

Ultimately, the success of your line lives and dies by customer demand. It is crucial to conduct thorough research on what people want, the colors and styles that will be in-demand, and consider how that may change based on selling online or offline. Learn more about researching your target market in our previous article.

The identity of your business will influence the clothes you design, how you present your brand in person and through marketing, and ultimately who your customers will be. With a strong brand, you will build client loyalty, maximize profits, and resonate with the customers.


2 | Draft a business plan

An excellent clothing business line should outline:

  • The company name, what you deal with, and a mission statement
  • What you want to accomplish, including specific, measurable, and actionable business goals
  • Why do you feel the business will succeed? This should be based in thorough market research
  • How you’ve planned to achieve your goals, backed by specific strategies and steps


Ideally, the clothing line business plan covers up to three or five years of the business. Of course, the plan might not go exactly as put, but it’s vital to have a plan to work with.


3 | Partner with a professional clothing manufacturer

It’s important to seek out clothing manufacturers who can bring your business goals and vision to life. We’ve written before about how to choose the right manufacturing partner, and also about common obstacles in manufacturing your clothing line. But ultimately there is no one-size-fits-all guide because your perfect manufacturing partner will look totally different depending on your needs.

Indie Source works with clients of levels of experience and skill, and our manufacturing options support them all. Learn more about our custom clothing development, and for anyone looking to really dig into the fashion business and arm yourself with knowledge and experience, check out our Brand Launch Academy developed by fashion pros.


4 | Market your clothing line

Whether you choose to sell via an online store, marketplace, or elsewhere, you must have a marketing plan. Fashion marketing involves everything from product photography and web design to social media outreach and paid advertising, and it can be difficult to know where to start. This is one step our clients frequently struggled with when planning to launch new clothing lines, as they didn’t always know how to coordinate different marketing teams or how to apply their marketing budget.

We stepped in to help fill that gap by assembling a talented team of marketers with specific fashion marketing experience to create an inclusive fashion marketing package. Indie Source can help you plan and execute successful marketing strategies in every area you need to launch and promote your line. And because we manufacture your garments in-house, we can capture behind-the-scenes media assets that are perfect for sustainable brands to share with customers and promote accountability. Visit our growth marketing page to learn more!


Take away

Before getting into any giant steps, you should reflect on how the business is performing. You should keep it simple and streamlined for the first few seasons while starting up a business. This will help you gauge production and fulfillment and make better predictions in the future before taking in the next challenge. Once you feel confident in the steps above, it’s time to take action and start your fashion line!


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