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Growth Marketing
Website Development / Fashion Photography / Paid Social / Strategy

We Know Your Product Best

Don’t blow your budget on PR events and SEO. Focus on what can get you feedback and results immediately.

Product Photography

Stand out from the pack with
stunning world class photography for your ecom store.


As a Shopify Partner, our web team specializes in fashion
e-commerce crafted for converting sales.

Paid Social

Get in front of your customer with targeted advertising that drive immediate results.

Build Your Branding

There are a million other “marketing agencies” out there who will sell your products for you but do they really specialize in apparel? One day they are selling your leggings the next they may be focused on roofing or selling lawn mowers. After begin frustrated by hearing that our clients were either spending their money in the wrong places after launch or not doing any marketing at all, we decided we needed to step in. We brought in some of the industries best FASHION marketers to make your amazing product (built by Indie Source) POP! and get you sales.

After all, it’s no secret, the more you sell, the more we make for you. That’s why we’ve put together the most competitive package in the industry. Why? because we know that if you can get through your inventory, you’ll be coming back to order with us again. This drives growth for your company and ours. Thats true partnership!

One of the coolest parts of this is that by working with indie source as your one stop solution to launch your brand, we will be able to coordinate internally about photography deadlines, behind the scenes footage of your product being sewn, getting creative to the ad ops team for your ads etc. There is SO much coordination that occurs between product and each part of the marketing process – The less you have to be involved in micro tasks, the more you can focus on sharing your story with the world and scaling your fashion brand.

Web Development / Photography / Paid Social

Cut Through the Clutter

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