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800 315 Johnny Donovan

Your Personal and Professional Brand Matters

Part of being a successful entrepreneur is having the skill set of a successful leader. Strong, effective leadership is integral to both individual and company success. In alignment with our dedication to creating content centered around fashion news, inspiration,…

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1024 288 Johnny Donovan

Starting a Clothing Line: Our Unique Development Process for Building Successful Brands

We get questions streaming in from all corners about every aspect of clothing manufacturing. We’re often asked about the services Indie Source provides our valued clients. Zack explains how we…

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800 315 Micah Leigh

China Tariffs: Is “Made in China” on its Way Out in Fashion?

The Huge Trade Disruption Between China & the US That No One Anticipated Chinese and American businesses both woke up on May 10, 2019 like any other day of the…

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800 315 Natalie Spira

How to Bootstrap Your Fashion Line From Your 9-5

When we surveyed our community, we found that most future fashion entrepreneurs are planning to fund their first collection through their 9-5. 43% of our respondents are dutifully saving up…

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800 315 Natalie Spira

Where do first-time designers & entrepreneurs stand? [INFOGRAPHIC]

We asked over 7000 first-time designers and entrepreneurs about how they’re approaching their first collection. How do they plan to fund their line, what their timeline is, what keeps them…

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how to start a fashion brand
1024 288 Jacob Eberhart

Are mental handicaps stopping your business idea from happening?

We at Indie Source are thrilled to have Jacob Eberhart lending his knowledge to us for a post.  Jacob is the co-owner and VP of operations at Pretty Knotty and knows a…

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Competitive Matrix Example
1024 288 Syama Meagher

How to Conduct a Competitor Analysis & Build Your Competitive Matrix

Before you get to work on your new fashion brand, make sure creating a competitive matrix is one of the first things you do. So what’s a competitive matrix? It’s…

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Business Idea
1024 288 Jacob Eberhart

Is Your Business Idea Ready to Go?

We at Indie Source are thrilled to have Jacob Eberhart lending his knowledge to us for a post.  Jacob is the co-owner and VP of operations at Pretty Knotty and…

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working in fashion
1024 288 Vicki Wallis

5 Fashion Industry Misconceptions for New Fashion Designers

From the outside, the fashion industry can seem like a world of glamour, with glitzy runway shows, stunning showstopper designs and days spent in search of inspiration. I wish! After…

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Protecting your line
1024 288 Anne Kearns

Protecting Your Line From Copycats

Anne Kearns is the founder of Anne Kearns Law. Anne specializes in intellectual property and helping startups protect and build their brands. But in addition to being a legal expert,…

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