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  • 10/31/2019

Indiesource Private Label: Elevated Essentials

Indiesource Private Label: Elevated Essentials

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Producing with a Private Label

As a designer working with Indie Source, you always have the choice to make use of our private label collection when building your line.

Our Private Label Elevated Essential Collection is the perfect mix of cost effectiveness and speed to market while still giving the designer maximum input.

What is a Private Label?

Products manufactured under a third-party or contract manufacturer and sold exclusively (or almost-exclusively) under a retailer’s brand name are considered private label. Benefits of private label branding include reduction in competition and increased customer loyalty.

Private label branding can also serve as a catalyst for building one’s brand through larger product variability.

The main benefit of using Private Label services is the amount of money and time saved on the development process for each piece. We’ve already made the patterns, now all you have to do is select the fabric and branding options! It’s as simple as pick out, cut, and sew!

In the fashion industry, a company provides a designer blanks (patterns) to create their own garments. So if you  want an opportunity to cut down on the time and cost associated with creating a custom line, Indie Source’s private label collection offers a host of style options that we have created to help you get started.

What sets apart Indie Source’s Private Label Collection from the rest

Indie Source’s private label patterns are developed exclusively for immediate use; cutting out the need for the development process, and saving our clients time and money. Even if the private label pattern can’t be altered, you can make it your own with unique designs, preferred fabric, and all without paying for marking & grading or patternmaking. The only expense our clients pay in this stage is for fabric sourcing and a sewn sample. In the quotes we provide you, we include estimates for labor (cut & sew) costs and branding. This creates an opportunity for those who desire to start from scratch to be able to do so without buying blank garments, which can be expensive. Learn more about our production process. CLICK HERE

One of the main reasons that people choose to add Private label is to include some essentials onto their existing line at a reduced cost, without going to the “blanks” method. 

Here we have a few private label garments made by our team; all black ensembles featuring a variety of simple fabrics.

Basics are essential for every well-rounded wardrobe. Your consumers will appreciate pieces that they can incorporate into their weekly ensembles. Our basic crew tees (style #233-400) have ribbing at the neckline, while crew neck raglan tees (style #58-400) also has ribbing at the ends of sleeves, much like the ribbing at the tapered end of the joggers(style #75-101), which have seamed pockets on the front, a yoke down the back and slim cuffs for a streamlined look.You can add pocket patches to your shirt designs to add flair or functional quality to help set your creations apart from the rest. 










Whether the question is an early, brisk morning to a late, chilly evenings, hoodies are always the most comfy answer. The hoodie (style #10-3014) has a kangaroo-style pocket, and can be made in a zip-up style in you prefer. Want to lose the old school crewneck style? Make it a v-neck! Our hoodies are unisex (much like many of our basic styles), so consumers of various gender identities can feel comfortable in your gear. The possibilities here are endless as you create to your hearts desire and provide pieces that allow your consumers individuality.  










For women, we offer a collection of sports tops. The Hooded Sports Bra features a three paneled hood with a modest v-neck in the front with an elastic band along the demand a contract panel along the back. Styles like this add flair to everyday sportwear.  Check out this Racer Back Bra. With five panels on the front and back, there is even a unique cut out at center back above the band. And to complete the look – a basic tank.


You can choose to use any fabric and do any labeling, screen printing, embroidery, or anything else you can think of!


Private Label vs. Blanks

Buying blanks to screen print on from brands like Gildan are a common mistake that many brands make. There are three problems with this: Everyone has them, no one wants them, and the designer gets no choice on the type of fabric used in any capacity.  With Indie Source Private Label, clients get to choose from a curated mix of men’s and women’s everyday and activewear pieces that would add to any line-up.

Blanks may not always carry the inspiration of the designer.

Indie Source progresses through your creation’s journey to ensure that you’re satisfied at every meeting, while providing garments that adequately follow your vision and elevate your brand. 

This is your official invitation to come in and meet our dedicated team at Indie Source, and check out our amazing Private Label Collection. We’re here to take your time away from the hassle and confusion of the fashion industry by bringing together our innovative resources to help you and your business become successful.

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