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  • 04/22/2014

J.Toor’s: A Classic Tailor-fit For Modern Conscious Male

J.Toor’s: A Classic Tailor-fit For Modern Conscious Male

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J. Toor and the World of Men’s Fashion

With modern technology streamlining simple apparel design in the men’s fashion industry and constantly mass-producing garments at increasingly high volumes, it’s impossible not to grow nostalgic for unique and authentic styles. Luxury bespoke design house J. Toor, has made a name for its menswear brand by mastering this challenging creative balance. Looking at their signature intricate, meticulously tailored, and overall thoughtfully made bespoke suits; it’s clear that J. Toor’s classic aesthetic and modern conscious that will be reshaping the lifestyle and wardrobes of all true Modern Gentlemen.

J Toor

After graduating from college, J. Toor founders Jivesh Toor, Diana McCarty, and Jamie Pate established and founded their Chicago-based design house, which quickly became a vehicle to bring back the quintessential English style of menswear. Attuned to modern styling and employing their vast knowledge of menswear, the trio produced looks for men that are classically refined but far from being staid and outdated. Their suits are a refreshing mix, marrying the old and new by combining the best heritage fabrics with updated cuts adding pops of color. With their show-stopping fashions, they have successfully reinstated the high quality standards of crafting any garment for the modern day gentleman. Their design studio houses suits that are unforgettable pieces of wearable art, creating an experience not only for the stylish client, but for all fashion admireres, who can appreciate attention to the finest of detail.

Like the physical garments itself, the J.Toor individualized and personable experience is memorable for all clientele, unlike the many impersonal shopping experiences that are too frequent in today’s world. J. Toor invites the fashionably elite to private appointments at their exclusive speakeasy style Gold Coast suite, where upon arrival, they partake in a conversation on their own fashion style and clothing needs with a J. Toor designer over a glass of scotch.

Jtoor MenswearThe uniqueness of J. Toor’s custom design process is that completed suits speak not only to the J. Toor aesthetic, but are also direct reflections of the wearers themselves.  Clients are treated to an abundance of lavish suiting options within J. Toor’s luxury English style, choosing from an abundance of fabric patterns and weights from the top European suiting mills such as Holland & Sherry, Loro Piana, Zenga, Cerruti, Scabal, Drago, and more. However, the client’s choices don’t stop at just the outside fabric of the suit. J. Toor stands by their dedication to quality and their beliefs the inside of any garment should be just as impeccable as the outside. So, client’s can also choose to add splashes of color in the jacket lining, aside from it’s already completely canvassed horsehair-lined interior. To J.Toor, not one detail is too small. They let their clientele choose the parts of theirsuit down to its under collar, button holes, jacket lining, and hand stitching.

Every part of a J. Toor suit is collaboration between the client and the designer,making the design house a leader in extremely customizable men’s suiting and accessories. Jivesh Toor, sites this as one of the brand’s most competitive advantages. “What sets us apart from the rest is the immense design factor that we include in our services. There is simply no other clothier that offers such an in-depth level of design customization at our prices,” says Toor.

Redefining luxury standards, giving the consumer more stylish options, and putting the personal connection back into men’s fashion, J. Toor is a leader in the new era of dapper bespoke menswear. With an array of upscale styles fit for all seasons and a plethora of detail and accent options, J. Toor helps clothe men in standout pieces for all functions. From the Chicago businessmen conducting meetings in the middle of winter, to the groom wed on the Chicago River of a Midwestern summer wedding, J. Toor’s suiting are tailor-made for any fashionable affair. Reflecting the individual’s own fashion sense and personality, J. Toor’s bespoke suits are a perfect fit for the sartorial modern gentleman.


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