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  • 10/11/2019

Love for Fashion & Passion for Pride

Love for Fashion & Passion for Pride

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Meet Andrik Ochoa, Founder of The Unapologetic Company

Indie Source was thrilled to invite the fearless EFW designer, Andrik Ochoa into our office. Andrik was fascinated by the number of resources Indie Source has to offer them, and was thrilled to have people ready to help find the next step in making their dream a success. If you too have a dream you’re eager to turn into a success, join our Developmental Bootcamp to receive free emails helping you build your business.

“There are so many amazing people working with one goal, and that is to make the designer’s life easier,” Andrik states. “You don’t even need to be savvy or extremely knowledgeable about designing, you only need to have an idea of what you want to create… [Indie Source] guide[s] you through the whole process, even brand and social media exposure.” 

Andrik is one of the many talents involved in this year’s 2nd annual Equality Fashion Week, taking place in LA starting October 14.

Equality Fashion Week is the 1st and only premier LGBTQ+ focused Fashion Week in Los Angeles consisting of a 3-day pop-up experience of queer and inclusive designers and vendors which is more than a perfect fit for Andrik and their mission as a designer. While growing up as a non-binary kid in Mexico, it was a challenge for Andrik to find access to clothing that they enjoyed because many pieces were not intended for their body type.

Andrik found a love for fashion and a passion for pride as they got older; so they moved to L.A. to make a change in the world of fashion!

Andrik’s brand The Unapologetic Company is focused on challenging gender norms by creating styles that are usually created for a female consumer in sizing for a man’s figure as well as men’s clothing created for a female body.

While continuing the tour at Indie Source, Andrik passed through The Atelier where they were introduced to the cutting room where fabrics and patterns are cut, the seamstress room where garments are sewn, and the people who make the magic possible. It was in the sewing room where Luis informed Andrik that their garments can be sewn using any fabric, any cut, and any pattern Andrik can think of, taking as little as one day to produce samples. Andrik’s eyes lit up in excitement at the possibilities of where The Unapologetic Brand can go with its boundary-pushing designs!

Remembering a few encouraging words kept on their desk, Andrik quotes, ‘There’s always a way’. They advise new designers by saying,

“Believe in what you’re doing. Trust your gut and risk it. They say: jump off a cliff and build your wings on the way down… You’re gonna fail many times, but it’s the only way you’ll succeed eventually. Forget about fear.” 

Watch the video of Andrik Ochoa’s tour of Indie Source. CLICK HERE

You can see more of Andrik’s designs come to life on October 13th at NiK Kacy Presents “Unity” Equality Fashion Week Opening Gala Fashion Show! Everyone involved with this fabulous show is excited to welcome you to their original fashion experience inspired by inclusion, diversity, and equality.

Join Indie Source this Sunday, October 13, 2019, at 8PM PST for a live broadcast of the EFW runway show and event.

Visit https://www.equalityfashionweek.com/ for more details on the show!


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