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  • 11/27/2019

Our Famous Fabric Library

Our Famous Fabric Library

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Need fabric?

Indie Source’s fabric sample library is a great resource that helps meet our fashion needs. Mark takes us on a tour of the different fabrics found within our signature fabrics. If you’re looking for flannel, poly spandex, jersey, terry cloth, Eco-friendly or cotton-blend fabrics, all are part of the library!

Currently, we’re developing an organic line for children featuring earth tones. As a Los Angeles based clothing manufacturer, we pride ourselves on delivering to the customer exactly what they are looking for. In this case, the client provided us a sample of a French terry organic cotton blend to reference. Along with our fabric vendors, our goal is to find the perfect quality and colors for our valued clients.

The fabrics have been neatly organized alongside each other, grouped with their appropriate like samples and blends. For example, a 100 percent cotton, color jersey is organized by style number and manufacturer. 

We got you covered

Shannon, one of the project managers at Indie Source, is creating a swatch to send to her in-production client. Each swatch contains the composition of the fabric, style number, vendor and cost. We’re working on cotton lounge pants. The styles found on the swatch include cotton spandex, French terry spandex, and bamboo spandex.

Spandex (or elastin as it’s known outside of North America) is a synthetic fabric known for its exceptional stretchiness. Many knits and wovens contain a small amount of spandex (around 3-5%) to really improve stretchiness and comfort. For our project, we are going to be having 3% spandex which will provide plenty of amazing stretch for our garment.

The concepts for this children’s line have been inspired by traditionally grown-up designs, such as adult lounge pants like the iconic Juicy Couture velour pants, but with a more practical price point for a growing child. Watch this video to find out how the cut ticket is prepared.

Shannon found three different texture options that match what the client is looking for, while also being within the desired price range. All of the fabrics are eco-friendly, organic, and softer than expected. Click this link to see more on how Indie Source prides ourselves on having all the sustainable fabrics you could ever dream of. During the development meeting, the client will pick the colors and fabrics using the swatch tool. We will give the swatches to the client and store the rest in the Indie Source library.

Keeping an abundant library well-stocked with many colors and fabrics to choose from is a more efficient use of materials and cost versus dyeing the fabric. Indie Source is your go to cut and sew clothing manufacturer for many reasons and our fabric selection is definitely one of them. Now it is time to move onto making the product!


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