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  • 11/25/2019

Our Project Managers Got Your Back

Our Project Managers Got Your Back

1024 363 Nathan Ball

Hello Fashion Professionals! 

You’ve heard about our development kick off meeting. You brought in your reference samples and completed development cheat sheet. But what happens after you decide to work with us? 

Today I am going to let you in on what its like. Our process is to connect you to one of our Project Managers. These all-stars have great experience in product development and will work to be your helpful guide during the process. 

Our project Managers have worked at some amazing companies, such as Carbon 38, Show me your MUMU, Barefoot Dreams, Tiger J, Spendid to name a few. 

Their job is to help accelerate process, offer consulting, design direction and overall help you avoid common pitfalls or mistakes that could occur when developing something new. To start they will go over all the design details you are seeking and often fill in the gaps on areas you may not have thought of. Next they will begin sourcing from the hundreds of local vendors in downtown Los Angeles. One of the ways we are able to offer WAY lower minimums than overseas is because our Project managers source from in stock vendors who do not require you to knit 1000+ yards and these vendors will sell us 1 roll or about 80 yards per color. 

You might be a brand that is just beginning or a seasoned designer in your 15th collection and our project managers work off of a retainer which can be flexible to your questions, needs, or if you simply change your mind during the process.

What I mean by retainer is that you will put down a certain amount of money based on the complexity of your project and our Project managers will bill their time from this amount. IF you need more consulting, handholding or explanations that is why they are there and that is why we use this model. After All this is a creative process and we want to create a product that everyone is proud of. 

Not in LA? Not a concern. Our project managers often send swatches, samples, and conduct virtual meetings and fittings with people all across the globe. 

Our goal in development is to gain your approval on materials, fit, samples and write a production purchase order. Once the PO is live you will be handed off to our fantastic production team who will duplicate the perfect sample we created together. 

Wanna learn more about our project managers? Check out an interview with one of them! Jan shares about her personal experience helping new designers, and with ordering custom fabrics to create unique clothing lines. click here

We appreciate you taking a moment to consider Indie Source and our local and global supply chain solutions. 

I really look forward to creating with you,

reach out today!

Indie Source