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  • 10/23/2019

Own Your Vulnerability, The Way You Know You Can

Own Your Vulnerability, The Way You Know You Can

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Let’s meet Elizabeth Barry

Part of being a successful entrepreneur is having the skill set of a successful leader. Strong, effective communication is integral to both individual and company success. In alignment with our dedication to creating content centered around fashion news, inspiration, and entrepreneurship, we at Indie Source believe that providing leadership development skills and education opportunities encourages growth and lasting success of your brand. We are continuing our partnership with several guest writers who’ll be delivering leadership focused content, right here on the Indie Source Blog.

This week, we introduce you to Elizabeth Barry.

An author, performance coach, and host of her very own podcast, Elizabeth has accomplished plenty on her own including being the first to run the email magazine for Dance while gaining over 20 thousand subscribers within her first year. However, even with all of her personal experiences and achievements, Elizabeth’s main passion is to inspire you to find your true soul and use it to bring life into your business.

Elizabeth is speaking to you! Is your calling fashion design? Do you have a passion for fashion? Then we here at Indie Source are excited to help you along your clothing manufacturing journey. If you’re looking to start a clothing line or find a great U.S. clothing manufacturer, Indie Source and Elizabeth have the tools necessary to get you there. We hope that on this journey you’re using Elizabeth’s advice each step of the way to make your brand as authentic and personable as possible.

Your audience will gravitate to your brand and your purpose, but only if they feel that your message is true and genuine to you and the rest of your team.

Elizabeth explains how your content should be focused on engagement and grounded on authenticity. New private label clothing brands should let down their filters, stop creating content for approval of others, and work to “be the authentic you that you know you can be.” In return, you can say that you are living in the service of your soul by doing what you love doing and there is no greater motivation than that.

Through your journey as a business owner or fashion designer, you will encounter many hurdles in the process. But we have great news!

As long as you love what you’re doing and feel passionate about the ideas you’re bringing into the world, then these struggles will only help you learn, help you grow, and truly help you appreciate each day your business is thriving.

Imagine if we could maximize our profits in any business venture with the art of kinder communication. What would that look like? Feel like? What would that mean to our employees? Our customers? Our raving fans? Let’s do a deep dive into the hidden secrets of speaking, listening and observing our ways to truly let go of stress and hang onto success. For anyone currently dealing with a communication obstacle, we encourage you to check out more insight from Elizabeth and “The Magic of Humanizing Our Communications.” Watch Indie Source’s video featuring Elizabeth Barry’s presentation from the 2019 MAGIC trade show. CLICK HERE


If you LOVED Elizabeth’s inspiring words of wisdom then stay tuned to Indie Source’s blog and social channels this Friday, October 25, 2019 for Elizabeth’s Vlog debut. Check back every other Friday on Indie Source’s social for a new vlog update.  This Week’s topic: “The true power of influence is kindness.” And be sure to check out Indie Source’s other interviews with speakers from the 2019 MAGIC trade show.

If you want to learn more about how to own your vulnerability, visit elizabethbarryconsulting.com, and for the info you’ve been looking for to make your cut and sew dreams come true, join the Indie Source Developmental Bootcamp today!

Elizabeth Barry is a Communication Expert, Innovator and Business Strategist with over 20 years of consulting experience branding and rebranding small businesses and founding partners. She’s taught leaders how to grow companies, how to build teams, how to be efficient and communicate effectively. From building her marketing agency to selling over 1.2 million in digital sales to curating and hosting 17 TEDx events and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorships over the years, Elizabeth is makes a worldly impact on the audience around her.

CONTACT LINKS: elizabethbarryconsulting@gmail.com
WEBSITE: elizabethbarryconsulting.com
INSTAGRAM: INSTAGRAM.COM/elizabethbarryleadership
FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK.COM/elizabethbarry20
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