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The Production Process

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs)

Indie Source has a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 300 units for each style. This can be broken down in a number of ways. For example, you may produce one shirt design in three colors, so 100 units of one design in three colors make a total of 300. You may also break down each color tee into sizes, so you get 25 pieces of small, 25 medium, 25 large, and 25 extra-large. Talk to us about how you’d like to divvy up the colors and sizes, so it totals 300.

Indie Source Gray Color T Shirt

White Tee - 100 Units

25 Small, 25 Medium, 25 Large, 25 X Large

Indie Source Red Color T Shirt

Red Tee - 100 Units

25 Small, 25 Medium, 25 Large, 25 X Large

Indie Source Blue Color T Shirt

Blue Tee - 100 Units

25 Small, 25 Medium, 25 Large, 25 X Large

Production Lead Times


The standard production lead time is from six to eight weeks, depending on the availability of the material or complexity of the design. If you use an in-stock item, your lead time may be lower. The lead time increases if you use a custom fabric or trim. If you use custom milled fabric or trim, for example, an additional three to six weeks may be needed; any other send outs such as custom screen printing and embroidery, garment dyed, specialty wash, etc., will also increase the lead time, which will vary.

Typical Production Lead Time

Production StepsTypical PO ExampleBusiness Days Needed
1Relax Fabric & Cut5
3Sewing15-20 (will vary depending on complexity)
4Trim & Finish3
5Fold & Pack & Inspect2-4
6Invoice & Ship1-2
Total 31-44 days

What You Need To Get Started


SUBMIT RFQ - Request for Quote

Download and email us the completed form. Outline the desired quantities, sizes, and colors for every style.



Email your face card, spec sheet, digital patterns, and bill of materials in .dxf file format to info@indiesource.com.



Mail us the approved fit and material standards that we should follow in production to 1933 S Broadway #1168 Los Angeles, CA 90007. You may also schedule a meeting below.

Accredited Cintas Social Compliance

As outlined in the Cintas Corporation’s Code of Conduct, the code requires vendors to comply to standards outlined in the code: 1.General Ethical Standards 2.Customs Compliance 3.Drug Interdiction 4.Wages and Hours 5.Child Labor 6.Prison/Forced Labor 7.Discrimination 8.Health and Safety 9.Working Conditions 10.Right to Organize and Workplace Freedom 11.Subcontractors.

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