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Development Overview

Starting a clothing line is not easy as any one who has done so will tell you. It’s an archaic industry with fragmented workers who are happy to take your money and never deliver. Why don’t they deliver? Well despite many having good intentions, they are only 1 small part of a long process of developing a collection. When developing new products it’s imperative that all parties talk to each other. Think about any great companies that make products. They have to all work together and constantly solve problems. We realized that tens of thousands of aspiring fashion entrepreneurs like you had amazing ideas but no technical expertise to build products that you envisioned. We created our development program to simplify this process and pair you with industry experts that all work under one roof. Now, let’s review the process together:


First, we collect any reference samples you may have and your development cheatsheet. Then you and your Brand Consultant will help set up financial targets, material and fit details and provide a project quote.


Your Project Manager works with local vendors to source high quality materials and ensure we hit your quality and target price points. Choosing in-stock items can dramatically reduce lead times. All information we source from our vendors is passed on to you for 100% transparency.


Our expert pattern makers engineer the features and fit of each style using the latest pattern makings software. Patterns are the blueprint from which all clothing is made from. Don’t worry you get to keep your patterns and they can be used by any factory in the world.


Our Sample Makers hand cut and sew your garments with expert detail. Samples are made to test fit and functionality.


Here you’ll have a fitting with our team and identify alterations for your next round of samples. While our competitors average 5 revisions, we average 1 to 2.


With your sample approved, we are ready to begin pre-production. Place your purchase order to begin your first production run!

Here’s what’s included in each phase of development


  • Fabrics
  • Trims
  • Printing
  • Tags/Labels
  • Dyeing/Washes

  • Face Cards
  • Flat Sketches
  • Sewing Instructions
  • Digital DXF patterns
  • Production Ready Tech Pack

  • T-Shirt / Tanks
  • Sweatshirt/ Joggers
  • Underwear/Swimwear
  • Button Downs / Jackets
  • Woven Pants / Knit Leggings

Ready To Get Started?

Indie Source follows a unique process for product development for our brands. Before we can start the process of fabric sourcing, pattern making and creating your samples we need to PLAN! Identifying the styles in each collection and determining what you, the creative genius, would like to make is paramount in ensuring we bring your vision to life.

Development CheatSheet – We’ve created this document so you can easily organise your thoughts in one place. This document give us everything we need in writing and ends up acting as our statement of work. This ensures everyone understands what your goals are and we maintain strong working relationship. Download Development CheatSheet

Reference Samples – These are garments found in the marketplace that you can use to provide details about fabric, measurements, or construction. In other words, if you don’t have a completed tech pack, this is how you begin to tell us what you’d like to make. Add as many changes as you like. Here’s a video for you visual learners *What are physical reference samples and why are they important? Physical references samples should be sent to us at 1933 S Broadway #1168, Los Angeles, CA 90007 or brought with you to your kickoff meeting if you are local

The first step is the Product Development Planning Meeting for $197. During this meeting, you’ll meet your Project Manager and establish all of the details of your project so we can develop a quote including styles, fabrics, trims, patterns, timelines, and target costs. At the end of this meeting, you’ll have everything you need to finally start your fashion line!

Development Kickoff Meeting: Starting a Clothing Line
(9 customer reviews)


Development Kickoff Meeting

Indie Source works with you to plan your collection. We map out each style, identify fabric and trim, pattern directives, and details like timeline, retail and manufacturing target price points.

  • Define and conceptualize design ideas into sample styles.
  • Review sample styles, complete product development form with your consultant.
  • Set delivery and timeline expectations.  
  • Review desired retail/wholesale/Manufacturing price points
  • Deconstruct Material, Fit and Construction Reference Samples.
  • Project Quote offered

9 reviews for Development Kickoff Meeting: Starting a Clothing Line

  1. richlosangelesclothing (verified owner)

    Indie Source is truly an amazing company, going into starting my own line was very nerve wrecking but after meeting with Zack and Dean today, I definitely felt my ideas were all put into perspective and am excited to move forward. The project planning meeting was something I was very nervous for, but as soon as I walked in the door, I was greeted by many smiling faces that were interested in my brand and knowing what I wanted to accomplish. I felt very supported by the entire team and I also felt a sense of relief after leaving. The project planning meeting helped me to establish realistic goals for myself and really gave me a clear view as to what to expect as a new business. I appreciate the support from Zack and the Indie Source team and I am mega excited to get things going!

  2. IvaMichele

    When I was in Vegas attending Sourcing At MAGIC, I saw a presentation by Zack at Indie Source. His company and his ideas sounded really useful. I’m a new company with a bunch of great ideas and goals but no game plan on how to achieve them. So I made an appointment for a Development Kickoff Meeting with Zack the next day and we started on that game plan. He gave me the direction, focus, and the tools I needed to get things up and running. Thanks for the awesome meeting! Looking forward to the next step! Michele & Chuck, IvaMichele Activewear,

  3. Aaron Valdez (verified owner)

    Starting a clothing line can be pretty stressful and confusing. I was very nervous going into the kickoff meeting because I didn’t have a strong grasp on fabrics and the details of the clothing. Although leaving the kickoff meeting I felt such a relief and excitement. Jarahme was very knowledgeable and had great patience in helping me communicate my vision. Anyone that wants to start a clothing line or is curious about starting one, should experience a kickoff meeting to get a clear understanding.

  4. K. Tanks

    Indie Sourcing is exactly the company I’ve been looking for! I’ve tried to do it myself, but too much! I have a patent pending design and I will contact this company for help. Thanks, Kathy.

  5. haja jallow

    I am looking forward working with you to start a clothing line.

  6. Joey Jones


  7. Janice Mahone

    Mind blowing!!!is how I’m going to start my Thoughts on the review I’ve seen here on indie source… I hope I can be apart of this exciting process!!!

  8. Titi Martins

    Love it, will to work with you.💓

  9. GaryCopeland

    Amazing. Its what I’m looking for

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