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  • 11/13/2019

Sustainable Fabrics. Remarkable Results.

Sustainable Fabrics. Remarkable Results.

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Let’s talk materials.

As time goes by, our world will always evolve and if you think the current craze for sustainability is simply a phase you have another thing coming. Eco-friendly materials and processes are extremely important in any industry, especially in fashion. We here at Indie Source are seeing the demand for sustainable fabrics sky-rocket and we’re excited to learn about all your ideas and bring the best materials to your products. In fact, one of our project managers recently put together an entire binder consisting of some of the most eco-friendly materials and our CEO Zack Hurley is here to walk you through some of our amazing materials.

Zack takes us through our extended catalog of sustainable materials and speaks about how important it is to find a clothing manufacturer with access to eco-conscious fabrics.

Low impact & high impact

From recycled poly and organic cotton to fibers like lyocell and bamboo, these materials might have a low impact on the environment but they have a huge impact on your customers. This is especially true when the right fibers are combined with one another, take merino and rayon for example. The merino wool fiber has many great features like its resiliency and ability to eliminate odor however its texture can be scratchy on your skin. By pairing merino with rayon, you now have all the amazing features of the merino fiber with the softness and absorbency of rayon to make the perfect material for the perfect eco-friendly designs you’ve been dreaming about.

An important tip offered by Zack is to always test out your materials before beginning production.

At Indie Source, we’ll get a completed sample of your product in your hands for you to wear at home and assess. From the fit, feel, and even the performance of your garment, Indie Source is here to execute and make sure we are producing exactly what you are looking for. Join our FREE Developmental Bootcamp to access our resources and take the first step in producing your sustainable clothing line.

Click here to learn more about Indie Source’s passion for sustainability —-> AWESOME LINK

Your life as a designer just got so much easier.

Our project managers like Julie have been having so much fun with their clients browsing through Indie Source’s list of sustainable fabrics. 

Whether you’re running a company already specializing in eco-conscious products or you are interested in improving the sustainability of your existing designs, our project managers are excited to sit down with you and take you through all your organized options.

Let’s get started

We’re thrilled that Indie Source is able to partner with so many eco-conscious designers to give them access to all our materials, our private label clothing line, and any other resource you could ever need. As a proud US apparel manufacturer, we’re super excited that you’re ready to bring your sustainable ideas to our dedicated team, SEE YOU SOON!

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