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1024 288 Johnny Donovan

Fabric Dye Process: Dyeing, Shrinkage & Sustainability

FABRIC DYEING If you’re going to produce a new garment that will be colored with dye, you should know that fabrics that go through a dyeing process will shrink. Have you accounted for this alteration?…

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800 315 Johnny Donovan

Coronavirus’ Far Reaching Effects Transform How Fashion Depends on China

Coronavirus Affects Every Step of Fashion Analysts forecast limited commercial impact on luxury labels, but brands that depend on the country for manufacturing could face months of operational delays. It…

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Made in United States of America
1024 288 Zack Hurley

“Made In America” What does it mean?

Made in America The “Made in America” claim is used to describe the extent of a product’s US origin. Although the reasons may vary, the steps for obtaining an “American…

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