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1024 288 Johnny Donovan

How Fashion Designs are Manufactured

How Fashion Designs are Manufactured As you know, there are a number of essential steps between ideation and clothing production. Regardless of your expertise in the industry, understanding what goes on…

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NiK Kacy invites YOU to LA’s LGBT Equality Fashion Week

NiK Kacy is the Creator and Executive Producer of Equality Fashion Week, the 1st LGBTQ+- focused Fashion Week in LA. They are also the Founder and President of NiK Kacy…

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Financial Mistakes to Avoid as a New Designer: Part 4 of the Budget and Pricing Mini-Course

Budget and Pricing Mistakes In our 4-part mini-course on budgeting and pricing for new designers, we covered a lot of ground: 1. the most common sources of funding and biggest…

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1024 288 Zack Hurley

Get Started With Our One-Stop Guide to Clothing Design & Development

Clothing Design and Development It’s one thing to dream of being a fashion designer, and another to take the first steps towards making that dream a reality. The truth of clothing…

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