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Join Us At The LA Business Journal Fashion Awards

Celebrate standout local fashion companies and make new connections at LABJ’s 2016 Fashion Awards.

Indie Source is excited to attend the second annual Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2016 Fashion Awards! This event recognizes outstanding companies and individuals driving growth in the local fashion industry and the LA business community. It will take place on Tuesday, December 6, location TBD.

friends-champagne-for-webWith 300-1,500 attendees, the program will include apparel, denim, activewear, couture, swimwear, accessories, retail, and e-commerce companies based in Southern California. It’s an excellent opportunity for designers and others in the fashion industry to grow their brands and make valuable new connections.

Apparel companies making a powerful impact in the LA fashion industry can be nominated for awards in several categories. Indie Source is aiming for nominations in the categories of Made In California, Professional Service Provider, and Supplier Of The Year. If you’d like to recognize Indie Source for the difference we make in the apparel industry and driving business in Southern California, you may nominate us here.

Come and celebrate LA Fashion with us!



540 301 Jesse Dombrowiak

Ace Your Indie Source Intro Meeting

Ready to work with Indie Source? Your Intro Meeting is the first step. Here’s everything you need to know.

When you’re ready to transform your daydreams and sketches into a clothing line, Indie Source is the resource to make that happen. As a full service clothing manufacturer, Indie Source takes your ideas and makes them into something wearable by combining the right materials, fit, and construction. Our experienced, knowledgeable and passionate team will transform that overwhelming feeling of “where to begin” into the sense of delight that comes from manufacturing your line and bringing it to market.

The Intro Meeting

Your first step in working with Indie Source is the Intro Meeting. This is your chance to introduce your brand to us and share your vision for your business, as well as the specific products we’ll be creating with you. In your Intro Meeting meeting you will:

  • Meet your project manager, who will be your direct point of contact. They’re going to supervise, manage, and ensure the overall success of your project.
  • Meet our fabric specialist and trim specialist, who will be sourcing the perfect fabric and trims for your products.
  • Meet with Indie Source’s pattern maker, who will take fit notes (if you already have a prototype sample) .

The Indie Source team is experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to making you and your brand a success and helping you along the way.


To get the most powerful results from your Intro Meeting, you’ll need to be ready to discuss a broad range of topics around your label, as well as go into detail about each one.  Here’s a rundown of all the info you should have at the ready.

About Your Brand

  • Have a strong vision and goals, and know the values of your brand
  • What makes your brand unique or special?
  • Who is your competition?
  • What are your specific goals for your brand?
  • What is important to you in the development of your brand?
  • Are you price or quality focused?
  • Do you have a logo? Tag line? Mission statement?

Have A Brand Business Plan

  • How are you going to sell your product? Will you have a website? A storefront? Sell wholesale to retailers?
  • How are you going to market your brand? To who?
  • What are the price points for your products? How much do you want to pay to produce them versus how much do you want to sell them for?
  • How many units are you going to order? We have a minimum of 3 style and 250 pieces per style.
  • What is your budget for development? For production?

Have A Product Plan

  • Remember – we think of you as the designer! We are here to bring your ideas to life. Think through all the small details. We’re happy to make suggestions and help, but this is YOUR brand!
  • What are your sizes going to be? XS-XL? S-L?
  • What size would you like your samples to be made in? Think about who would come and try them on. If it is you, have the samples made in your size so you can make sure it’s the perfect fit.
  • What are the grading rules for your production? This means how much bigger do you want each size to be from the last? It is usually 2’’, but look at a line in a store or do some research and compare.
  • Will there be artwork on your products? This includes your logo.
  • What will your main label tags look like? Will they be printed or sewn in? They should have your name, logo, tagline, where it is made, and size. What will they look like? You send your tag artwork before your first meeting!
  • Are you going to have a hang tag or any other tagging or labeling on your products? Think about what they’ll look like in the store.
  • What colors do you want for your fabrics? Bring a color sample with you. We will find similar colors in in-stock fabrics. If you absolutely need a specific hue, we will need to dye it! Bring the exact color sample or find it using the PANTONE color finder. Keep in mind that colors might look different on a screen than in reality.


Have A Timeline

  • When do you need your samples done? The development process usually takes around six weeks. However, the more custom and detailed your products are, the longer it will take (i.e. custom elastic and prints).
  • When do you want full production to be done? Production usually takes about 4-8 weeks depending on the complexity of your designs.
  • Set dates from start to finish! When do you want your clothes ready to be sold?

Have Patience

If we’re starting your line from scratch, it might take a round or two of sample making and fittings to get everything perfect. Indie Source wants to make sure you love your line and fits how you want. Be prepared to make more than one sample.

Now that you know what you’ll need to get started, are you ready to call Indie Source? Let’s manufacture your dream line!

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Blue Jean Baby – Looks Like Magic

Indie Source’s sneak peek at Blue Jean Baby’s stunning look book photos!

In our April interview with Lola Rogers of Blue Jean Baby, we learned about the inspiration behind her clothing and the exciting journey of developing and producing her line with Indie Source. A lot has happened in the past couple months – Blue Jean Baby is now in the process of launching its website and taking pre-sale orders. In this post, Indie Source is thrilled to share previews from Blue Jean Baby’s fantastic look book shoot!

Shot by photographer Alan Gwizdowski at Chianti Life, a romantic bed and breakfast in a lush Topanga Canyon wonderland, the photos feature the gorgeous Cristal Serrano modeling Blue Jean Baby’s ivory silk and curated vintage clothing, along with vintage and new handmade Native American jewelry. An amazing styling team — hair by Tanja Tomicic and makeup by Josiah Craft  — made everything look like magic.

Jesse Dombrowiak

The Big Diff: Why Indie Source?

How long have you dreamed of, talked about, and researched starting your own fashion line ? Are you full of passion, design concepts, and business ideas but you just can’t find the next step to take or a path that leads you to success?

Indie Source was started for people like you offering a completely new business model; a personalized development, manufacturing, and marketing program that allows you to produce your fashion line, just the way you envision it, right here in Los Angeles.

We Saw What Was Missing

The fashion industry is extremely fragmented, with hundreds of people with very specialized skills working, but not necessarily together. Not as a unit.

We started Indie Source out of seeing a need in our community. Thousands of people wanted to start fashion brands – they could see others doing it and they were excited about what their lives could be if they reached that goal. But they didn’t know how to get there.

With backgrounds in production, we knew which people they needed to work and at what stage in order to make their fashion lines a reality. Our unique ability to meet the needs of today’s emerging fashion designers created a huge opportunity, and Indie Source was born.

This is not a class, webinar, or coaching service. Indie Source is not about downloading ebooks, watching videos, or getting advice. When you work with Indie Source, you get real life, hands on, step by step support at every stage: from product development, to manufacturing, to marketing your fashion collection.

Indie Source provides you with your own personal project manager, as well as the most skilled pattern makers, seamstresses, and fabric experts to ensure you realize your creative vision and get the best possible results. Indie Source is where your dreams leap out of your head, off the page, and transform into a fully produced and developed fashion line that is on the market.

What Indie Source offers is unique. This business model does not exist anywhere else in Los Angeles. We’re here to take you where you want to go.

Are you ready to turn your dreams into results? Contact us now.

This post is the first of a series, Indie Source Delivers, highlighting the groundbreaking services and resources we offer to new fashion designers.

Jesse Dombrowiak

Fashion Incubator & Production Dev. Hub Opens in DTLA

Apparel manufacturer and fashion consultancy Indie Source is teaming up with Manufacture New York to establish a new Made In USA product development & fashion incubator hub at Maker City LA @ The Reef in Downtown Los Angeles. The official opening is November 13th, 2015

This groundbreaking partnership between The Reef, Indie Source and Manufacture NY will establish vertically integrated support for LA fashion brands. Indie Source will provide businesses with streamlined product development including fabric sourcing, pattern making, cutting, sewing, and finishing, while Manufacture New York will provide a fashion + tech design incubator, complete with a shared designer studio, industrial equipment, mentorship, classes and events.

All brands will have access to state of the art photography studios, media lab, sales showroom & a world class event venue at The Reef.

A launch party for industry influencers, entrepreneurs, local designers and other creatives interested in touring the new facility will be held on Friday, November 13th from 6pm-9pm.

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How to Create the Perfect LookBook

Likened to an artists portfolio LookBooks not only showcase brands collections but aid in their overall success. Distributed to buyers, consumers and even press they are the quintessential way to reach each individual audience and make a lasting impression. As a result of the successfulness they have yielded for many fashion brands through the years LookBooks have become a necessity. Thousands are distributed daily, passing through the hands of prominent figures in fashion leaving many brands wondering not if they should make LookBook – thats a given- but instead how to create the perfect LookBook, a LookBook that will get your brand noticed and for all the right reasons.


When setting out to create the perfect LookBook aesthetics and originality must be of foremost importance. The goal for every brand should be to have a LookBook that grabs attention and calls out in a pile of its contenders not simply, “Pick me, pick me” but instead ” Hello there. I’m exactly what you’re looking for.” In order to stand out in the crowd a LookBook must contain a presentation that is aesthetically pleasing and a glimpse into what makes your brand and or collection unique and innovative. We have provided several key steps to follow in order create the perfect LookBook and proliferate a brands success.



Before creating a LookBook in physical form it is vital to map out a blueprint. LookBooks come in various formats therefore choosing a template that best suits the brand is the first step. Some formats include: the most popular format, a book of styled looks, the increasingly favored digital LookBook, a simplistic catalog or the artistic route of a compilation editorial accompanied by an attention-grabbing story line. Once the format is chosen these essential questions must be brought to the fore: Which pieces and or collection will be featured? What is the brands target market? and What story should the LookBook relate?



Once the blueprint is completed it is time to start the building process. Most brands have a “mission” or what some like to call their brands “philosophy”. Start with a brief introduction at the opening containing that philosophy. This introduction while concise may also contain: the brands history, information on the designer(s) and the inspiration(s) behind the collection at hand. This mini-autobiography of sorts is an imperative step, setting the tone for how the audience perceives what they are preparing to view.



Arguably the most important part of a LookBook is the photography. Many are introduced to brands for the first time through their LookBooks so without a doubt it should obtain a positive and lasting first impression. Discernment is needed when choosing a photographer. High quality, artistic photographs that compliment the brand are extremely necessary. If using one, picking a model should be a selective process. They must not only embody the brand but do justice to the collection. Styling and placement of the pieces are comparably as crucial as the photography itself. It should not only be attention drawing but flow with the context of the story and vision created in the blueprint stage. Styling of each piece should show their functionality along with various angles, giving the viewer a broader look at the pieces.



Product knowledge is important to display especially for potential buyers and consumers viewing LookBooks. Just as with the showcase of angle assortments of the collection information such as varied fits, colors, fabrics and style names or numbers for future reference should be displayed. Similar to the brands introduction at the beginning of the LookBook, product information should be brief yet informative. Since they are not initially able to see the pieces in person the LookBook should give the viewer descriptions vivid and detailed enough that the physical void is somewhat filled while not leaving them overwhelmed with insignificant information.



As stated above, creating the perfect LookBook and gaining attention for a brand is based largely on the books presentation and distinctiveness. When it comes to aesthetics minimalism and a cohesive flow are a solid foundation for not only standing out in the crowd but gaining respect as a legitimate brand. The only way to remain original is by executing this undertaking in a contrastive way then the rest. Fortunately it is feasible to do so while still adhering to the basics. This can be accomplished by adding information such as: sketches, fabric swatches and even a glance into the design and production process of the featured collection. Along with the content the disposition of the book such as the paper and text used while they may seem somewhat insignificant are very consequential to its success.



Ultimately, displaying brand information is an important step in keeping in contact with buyers and consumers. Brand information should include: websites, phone and fax numbers, the address of headquarters, an email address and any social networks such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Once the blueprint is drafted, the vision set into motion and accomplished you have created the perfect lookbook.

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How to get Media Attention for Your Brand

There are many aspects in creating and establishing a brand from conceptualizing an idea, to developing that idea, & formulating the buzz to get your merchandise into the hands of your consumers. As an up and coming designer of an emerging brand, it’s all about strategizing and comprising some sort of a marketing plan to acquire exposure from various media outlets. Of course, with the incentive to maximize and build that brand identity and recognition. The question is—How do brands obtain media attention to attain the exposure that they are looking for that lends itself to a successful first and lasting impression? Here are some helpful tips to capitalize on garnering the media’s attention and develop a relationship with them, so they view your brand as newsworthy to be written about.

Get Media Attention with Indie Source!

Evaluate the goals of your brand & determine your audience to establish brand identity

As a designer, you need to determine the publications that fits your niche market and demographic for your brand, so you could develop a voice to establish your brand’s identity. When finding a voice for your brand, it’s all about brand recognition and becoming aware of who your competitors are to find out what separates and makes you different from those brands. This is so important because to garner the attention of editors and reporters, you need to know how to pitch the story behind your brand to sell them on what makes your brand so unique and different. Once, you’ve found your voice, then you could create your own press release to paint that picture and depict to journalists the significance and savviness of your brand.


Establish and create your own press release and tell your brand’s story

A press release is a snapshot and synopsis that tells professionals in the media industry the journalistic W’s of your brand. It is the editorial formula that describes the who, what, when, why, and how of your brand with the intention to ignite media’s interest. So, they feel that writing about your brand will have value to their readers. The motivating factor is to discover the angles and hidden stories of your brand that will compel editors and writers to give your brand the press and publicity you seek. Therefore, it probably would be a wise investment to hire a professional writer, who can provide a well-written press release that conveys the underlying message of your brand. Also, trained writers possess the ability to read between the lines and can be more objective in deciphering what makes your brand stand out. This way they can write the prose of your press release, while simultaneously thinking on how to effectively pitch future editorial ideas regarding your brand to these same publications. Therefore, your press release will serve as an introduction and concise summary of your brand in order to plant the seed in the minds of these media insiders, so they are cognizant and aware of your brand with the goal of getting something published. However, make sure that your press release includes your contact information, so publishers, editors, and journalists can easily contact you for a press opportunity.


Research writers and editors of these publications and establish professional relationships with them

So, once you have fine tuned your press release and have emailed them to publications that you have determined will be a right fit for your brand, it’s a good idea to research some of the writers of that publication as well. The basis for this is because you want to find the right writer to approach when you do a pitch for an editorial story for your brand. Get to know their writing style and research some of their previous articles and become familiar on what appears to moves them, and what do they seem to like to write about. Find out what is their area of expertise. Do they strictly write about new trends in fashion for the different seasons? Do they take a more consumeristic approach and talk mostly about sales within retail and fashion. This way when you have decided on what angle of a story that you want to focus on pertaining to your brand, you will know what writer to approach. Also, it is very important that you just select one writer for each publication,and do not bombard several writers from that media source. You do not want to come off like you are spamming everyone. Because, writers and editors of the magazine come together during their meetings to discuss editorial ideas and topics for their upcoming issues, and you just do not want to be inconsiderate and waste a writer or publisher’s time, if all their writers are all pitching the same story idea for your brand. Especially,since journalists and media professionals are always on strict deadlines to get copy in,because they are in a competitive race to scoop the story and be the first media source to get the news out to the public and their consumers.


Attach your brand to a publicized event or charity fundraiser within your local community

Start with major events in your community that you’ve done the research that you know that a portion of your niche consumers may be attending some of these events, and find an avenue to get your brand involved. For instance, if your brand is targeting more of the younger urban slightly grunge vintage crowd—-find out if there are any music festivals or street fairs that are giving swag bags and see if you could put a promotional item in the bag that will get those niche consumers curious about your brand— enough to have them check out your website. You could also somehow become a major sponsor for the event by donating your time or an item of your collection, so your brand can be written about in the paper, or even make mention of your brand in any of their marketing and promotional pr materials that is publicizing the event. Here’s another idea—How about raising money for the fundraiser by auctioning a vintage denim studded jacket from your new line of eco–friendly fabrics to get people and media interested in writing about your brand. So get creative and storm up some innovative and unique ideas with your marketing team to get involved with these events as a means to attain brand awareness and get your brand noticed by the public, its consumers, and journalists, so you can claim your stake in the world of media and get your personal brand the attention it deserves!

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