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Old clothing manufacturing model doesn't work anymore
800 315 Johnny Donovan

WHY OLD Clothing Manufacturing Model DOESN’T Work anymore, and HOW Indie Source is CHANGING the Game

How we democratize access to the resources and skills needed to develop and produce apparel Indie Source was invited to speak at LA Textile, the fashion industry’s premier West Coast destination…

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Launch Your Brand Today
800 315 Nathan Ball

College Students. Making It Happen.

I know why you’re here. You’re a designer with ideas that can offset the way we see fashion and it’s so exciting. In fact, we all have the power to…

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Indie Source Intro Meeting
1024 288 Johnny Donovan

Get Un-Stuck

You got the ball rolling, but you still feel stuck. Is this your brand’s status lately?  It’s time to get Un-Stuck You think, “I’m not stuck. I’m just delayed in…

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Fund Your Clothing Line
1024 288 Johnny Donovan

How Fashion Designs are Manufactured

How Fashion Designs are Manufactured As you know, there are a number of essential steps between ideation and clothing production. Regardless of your expertise in the industry, understanding what goes on…

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