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Old clothing manufacturing model doesn't work anymore
800 315 Johnny Donovan

WHY OLD Clothing Manufacturing Model DOESN’T Work anymore, and HOW Indie Source is CHANGING the Game

How we democratize access to the resources and skills needed to develop and produce apparel Indie Source was invited to speak at LA Textile, the fashion industry’s premier West Coast destination…

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Materials for Clothing Manufacturers
800 315 Johnny Donovan

Make Your Brand, Simply Sustainable

Are you a designer who wants to create beautiful and eco-friendly products? How great would you feel if you knew that the shirt you’re wearing right now was eco-friendly, natural,…

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Zero-Waste Fabric
1024 288 Zack Hurley

A Zero-Waste Fiber Is Brewing

Zero-Waste Fiber Kombucha tea is the source of a new zero-waste fiber aimed at creating sustainable fashion. A new fiber made from tea is being developed as part of the…

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