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  • 11/18/2019

Tell Us Your Story

Tell Us Your Story

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Are You Different From The Rest?

The world is full of talented designers. Some designers find a great sourcing and production company to help bring their ideas to life. Even fewer will find a way to effectively market their products to their target audience. This, lucky for you, is where Indie Source and a marketing team like Elk Marketing can become your best friends and your greatest resources!

Get to know Clark McNulty, a huge part of the amazing work being done at Elk Marketing where they help brands of any size with brand development, marketing, and online sales.

Clark dives into the 3-step strategy that is essential for any business and explains how Elk’s team and all their expertise will guide you through it all.

    1. Brand story: this is a crucial document that will state your brand’s mission, vision, target audience, and much more. This is essential to your brand because it will make your vision much clearer so you can launch your company in that direction.
    2. Style guide: here you’ll find everything that gives your brand its unique and creative look. Fonts, colors, look, feel, and any other visual qualities that will make your brand stand out. Of course, once you have your company’s aesthetic figured out, you’ll need a product developer and production powerhouse to bring your vision to life, and that’s why Indie Source is here to help. Join the Developmental Bootcamp for free & amazing guidance on how to produce your dream clothing line.
    3. eCommerce: in order to have an eCommerce presence, you must keep many things in mind and strategically operate each segment of your online business. This includes tracking your customers using Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel, forming automated email campaigns to welcome customers to your brand, and even scheduling social media posts to get optimum engagement from your audience.

Social media plays such a huge role in today’s fashion industry which is why Clark is eager to give his listeners some important information regarding social media for your brand.

When asked if companies should be worried about posting too much on social media, Clark is quick to explain that “you can’t post enough.”

He urges you to build a steady content velocity that includes quality social media posts that engage your audience and get them excited for what your brand is up to next. Our favorite takeaway from Clark is his insight on Instagram’s very popular Story feature where posts fill up your entire screen and disappear after 24 hours. This quicker medium is actually performing better and receiving more engagement than traditional Instagram posts. This means if your brand isn’t taking advantage of all the extra engagement on IG Stories, what are you waiting for? Start investing more time into posting original content on your IG Story and see how it can help your business.

So, whether you’re a small brand with a limited budget or a big brand with sizeable cash flow, the time is now to tighten up your brand’s identity and really start bringing your ideas to the world. Did you know that Indie Source can also help take your brand’s marketing to the next level? Click HERE to learn more about Indie Source’s Growth Marketing Services. With our services, including web design, growth marketing and more, you will be matched with members of the Indie Source team to give you the full package from development to promotion.  If that doesn’t get you excited then we don’t know what will, but we do know that if you’d like to work with a team to help scale your production with competitive fabric sourcing, you can sign up for a free download of our resources today! We look forward to producing beautiful products for you, just the way you designed it.



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