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Indie Source Intro Meeting

Ace Your Indie Source Intro Meeting

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When you’re ready to transform your daydreams and sketches into a clothing line, Indie Source is the resource to make that happen. As a full service clothing manufacturer, Indie Source takes your ideas and makes them into something wearable by combining the right materials, fit, and construction. Our experienced, knowledgeable and passionate team will transform…

Zero-Waste Fabric

A Zero-Waste Fiber Is Brewing

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Zero-Waste Fiber Kombucha tea is the source of a new zero-waste fiber aimed at creating sustainable fashion. A new fiber made from tea is being developed as part of the fight to decrease waste and pollution in the fashion industry. An article published by Iowa State University details a new cellulosic fiber that’s a byproduct…

Smart Fabric

Smart Fabrics – New Functions In Fashion

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Smart Fabric and the Fashion Landscape Smartwatches and activity trackers are on wrists everywhere. Virtual and augmented reality headsets give us a new modality of entertainment and learning. By 2020, wearable devices will represent a market worth of $40 billion with over 240 million annual unit shipments. A growing segment of wearables that integrate technology…

Successful clothing line

Starting A Successful Made In USA Clothing Brand

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Starting a Successful Clothing Line Jim Snediker shares his take on how to start a successful clothing brand that’s made in the USA. The secret? Have something new to say, backed up with strong business basics. A renaissance around Made In USA apparel is inspiring many designers to start businesses centered on domestically-manufactured clothing. But…

Made in USA

Why Made In USA Matters

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Why Made in USA Fashion Matters Indie Source enables independent designers to produce fashion lines that are made in the USA. But why? For Indie Source, “Made in USA” is much more than a label or marketing tagline. The loss of American clothing manufacturing jobs to low-wage overseas factories has been harmful to workers, communities, and…

Lana Gurevich

IndieViews: Meet Lana Gurevich

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Meet Lana Gurevich Our IndieViews blog series introduces you to the talented and passionate members of the Indie Source team. In our interview with Lana Gurevich, we got to know a designer at the top of her field who absolutely loves working at Indie Source and is committed to helping designers realize their dreams. As…

Start a fashion line

From Design To Production: Starting a Fashion Line

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The public relations team at Indie Source asked me to explain in basic terms what Indie Source does. There is a good understanding in the world about what other industries do to make their finished product but, little understanding as to all of the work that goes into starting a fashion line. Starting a Fashion…

Fashion vs. Function: The Pocket Problem

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The Pocket Problem Consumer buying habits are influenced by a number of factors. Cost, branding, and the design of apparel can determine the success or failure of a clothing line. One aspect that can be overlooked in the design of a line is the functionality of the garments. Whereas some consumers might consider what is fashionable as their…

Made in the USA

“Made In America” What does it mean?

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Made in America The “Made in America” claim is used to describe the extent of a product’s US origin. Although the reasons may vary, the steps for obtaining an “American Made” certification are very simple and straightforward. You must first fill out an online form with the Made in America brand, self-certify that you meet the requirements…

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