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New Clothing Line

How to Channel Your Inspiration into a New Clothing Line

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It’s one thing to want to start a new clothing line and another to do it. For writers, the difference is sitting down to write. For athletes, it’s putting feet to pavement. For clothing designers and entrepreneurs, it’s outlining the first collection. Many of us are lucky to be surrounded by the things that inspire us,…

New Fashion Line

How to Guarantee Demand for Your New Fashion Line

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L.C. was my favorite alum on the MTV reality television series, Laguna Beach. I looked forward to each new episode every week. The drama was tantalizing and addictive. Yet, I watched mostly to see what the kids were wearing and trying to figure out what the next hot trend would be. During the Laguna Beach/The…

One Stop Guide to Clothing Design and Development

Get Started With Our One-Stop Guide to Clothing Design & Development

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Clothing Design and Development It’s one thing to dream of being a fashion designer, and another to take the first steps towards making that dream a reality. The truth of clothing design and entrepreneurship is that a lot goes on behind the seams (see what we did there?) and top fashion designers do a good job…

Budget Mistakes To Avoid As a New Designer

5 Budget Mistakes To Avoid As a New Designer

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Avoid Budget Mistakes Costing and pricing are among the most difficult – and most crucial – decisions new designers undertake in building their first line. The financial logic that goes into launching a successful fashion line can be counter-intuitive and sometimes requires that we readjust the way we approach costing and pricing. After many years…

Start a Clothing Line

How to start a clothing line that sells

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While anybody can start a clothing line, not everyone can build a profitable fashion business. It takes entrepreneurial spirit to have consistent revenue and profit. How can someone create a successful clothing line? Fashion entrepreneurs need to work hard, understand market trends, and be flexible. Sales data and customer feedback will help you determine price,…

How to Create a Clothing Line Budget

How To Create a Clothing Line Budget in 5 Steps

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How to Create a Clothing Line Budget One of the first questions we ask our new development clients at the beginning stages of creating a clothing line is “what is your budget for the project?” Most new designers and entrepreneurs have no idea how to create a clothing line budget. We know that creating a…

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Fashion

Crowdfunding: One Way to Finance Your New Clothing Line

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Crowdfunding for Startups Among the many doctor and actor aspirations, lays an ambition many are not equipped to start: creating their own business. As many startups disappoint before they’re fully able to thrive, a middle ground of uncertainty is present: how does a novice idea meet the demands of initial costs, provide a product worthy…

Indie Source Intro Meeting

Ace Your Indie Source Intro Meeting

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When you’re ready to transform your daydreams and sketches into a clothing line, Indie Source is the resource to make that happen. As a full service clothing manufacturer, Indie Source takes your ideas and makes them into something wearable by combining the right materials, fit, and construction. Our experienced, knowledgeable and passionate team will transform…

Zero-Waste Fabric

A Zero-Waste Fiber Is Brewing

1024 288 Zack Hurley

Zero-Waste Fiber Kombucha tea is the source of a new zero-waste fiber aimed at creating sustainable fashion. A new fiber made from tea is being developed as part of the fight to decrease waste and pollution in the fashion industry. An article published by Iowa State University details a new cellulosic fiber that’s a byproduct…

Smart Fabrics New Functions In Fashion

Smart Fabrics – New Functions In Fashion

1024 288 Zack Hurley

Smart Fabric and the Fashion Landscape Smartwatches and activity trackers are on wrists everywhere. Virtual and augmented reality headsets give us a new modality of entertainment and learning. By 2020, wearable devices will represent a market worth of $40 billion with over 240 million annual unit shipments. A growing segment of wearables that integrate technology…

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