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  • 03/06/2020

Working with our Pattern Maker and Project Manager for The Perfect Fit

Working with our Pattern Maker and Project Manager for The Perfect Fit

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Are you looking to get your newest sketch brought to life? Are you ready to start selling all the beautiful clothes you’ve designed? We got you covered! In fact, our expert pattern maker Lana is here to make sure your pieces fit exactly how they should, EVERY TIME.

Wearing a garment with the perfect fit can make you feel incredible. Clothing can really bring the best out of anyone’s body and give them the indescribable confidence they’ve been looking for and we’re here to achieve that with the best fitting garment possible. This way, you can to focus on doing what you do best: BEING CREATIVE

Yes, we are here to say you don’t have to be an expert pattern maker, or know how to make tech packs, or even know how to properly fit a finished garment. As long as you have a completed reference sample, our team at Indie Source will do the rest.

As you know, there are a number of essential steps between ideation and clothing production. Regardless of your expertise in the industry, understanding what goes on behind the scenes can help you get the most out of your relationship with your manufacturer. No matter how impressive your design may be, it does not mean much if the garment does not fit properly. Pattern making is the process of developing a blueprint for your design that reflects the fit, construction, and overall aesthetic of your finished garment. While pattern making can be taught or done on your own, it is no easy task.


As a clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles, Indie Source prides itself on executing your ideas to their fullest extent, and that includes the perfect fit. Your design could be using the best fabric, the best color scheme, and the most unique shapes and designs. However, if the fit is not perfect, it will all be for nothing.


Developing an accurate and effective pattern requires meticulous attention to detail and industry knowledge, usually gained through years of experience. The right pattern maker can help bring your design to life, bridging the gap between ideation and production. However, it can be difficult to find a pattern maker who can incorporate their services into your existing creative process. Another option is full-service development and production houses that includes a pattern maker as part of its package of services.


Our project Managers have worked at some amazing companies, such as Carbon 38, Show me your MUMU, Barefoot Dreams, Tiger J, Spendid to name a few.

Their job is to help accelerate process, offer consulting, design direction and overall help you avoid common pitfalls or mistakes that could occur when developing something new. To start they will go over all the design details you are seeking and often fill in the gaps on areas you may not have thought of. Next they will begin sourcing from the hundreds of local vendors in downtown Los Angeles. One of the ways we are able to offer WAY lower minimums than overseas is because our Project managers source from in stock vendors who do not require you to knit 1000+ yards and these vendors will sell us 1 roll or about 80 yards per color.

You might be a brand that is just beginning or a seasoned designer in your 15th collection and our project managers work off of a retainer which can be flexible to your questions, needs, or if you simply change your mind during the process.

In the video below, Lana, Head Pattern Maker, and Julie, Project Manager are working with fashion designer, Karen, on her latest adroable designs for her children’s clothing brand Blair Monroe.


Indie Source believes in local for local meaning that local vendors are used to create designs for local designers.
While this goes against trends to offshore fashion manufacturing to countries with cheaper labor like China, it’s one of the reasons Indie Source is able to provide concept to marketing production that is affordable for emerging fashion designers. Los Angeles is fortunate to have one of the most thriving fashion industries in the world where most everything needed to manufacture of fashion design is contained within the famous Los Angeles Fashion District.
Wanna learn more about our project managers? Check out an interview with one of them! Jan shares about her personal experience helping new designers, and with ordering custom fabrics to create unique clothing lines.
Let all your creative talent shine without the stress of having to know every part of the industry. That’s what we’re here for. Bring your great ideas to Indie Source and our team will make sure every detail is accounted for.
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