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  • 01/13/2020

Universal Dialect

Universal Dialect

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A Worldwide Wish

Meet Nick Costelloe of the clothing company Universal Dialect. A passionate creator and persistent dreamer, Nick has created a company that not only enriches the lives of those who wear his garments but many others around the world.

Universal Dialect makes high-quality athletic apparel and donates a soccer ball to a kid in need for every two items sold. As Nick puts it, “if you can build a business at the crossroads of your greatest passions, it will be successful.”

Nick combined his passions of soccer, traveling, and giving back to communities in order to create Universal Dialect. You can do the same yourself. Ask yourself what story you’re dying to tell the world and take action. There is nothing greater than bringing your ideas and visions to the world so everyone can be a part of something new. As a custom clothing manufacturer in Downtown Los Angeles, Indie Source prides ourselves on bringing the best of the industry together, FOR YOU! Click here to sign up for our FREE developmental bootcamp and start building your brand today.

Solving A Problem

Nick did what any great entrepreneur would do and decided to solve a problem in the industry he loves. He noticed the lack of versatility in athletic wear vs. streetwear where performance-driven clothing wasn’t wearable in casual settings. He came to Indie Source to solve this problem and was able to bring his customers a comfortable, breathable, and stylish shirt to wear at any time of the day.

The best part? Nick was able to solve this problem by producing right here in the United States instead of dealing with the hassle of overseas manufacturing.

Ultimately, if we can learn something from Nick and the entire Universal Dialect team it would be simple:

Strive to not only have a brand based on a mission and a story but also work to solve a problem and bring amazing products to the world that will enrich the lives of many

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Wanna see more? Check out a behind the scenes factory tour of Indie Source featuring Nick. CLICK HERE

And don’t miss this update video from Universal Dialect featuring Nick talking about how they are changing lives for countless deserving children – one soccer ball at a time.


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