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  • 09/07/2020

What Does It Really Take to Launch a Fashion Brand?

What Does It Really Take to Launch a Fashion Brand?

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While a fashion degree might grant you expertise in one area of the industry, the reality is that to successfully launch a clothing brand you will need to utilize the experience and talent of very skilled professionals in every aspect of design, pattern making, sourcing, cutting, sewing, marketing, website development, and product photography. 

Here’s the great news: you don’t have to go to fashion school to launch a wildly successful fashion line.


The strategic move as an entrepreneur is to drive the creative vision and direction for your brand, while partnering with a fully comprehensive manufacturer (that’s Indie Source!) to complete all of the technical aspects that need to be handled by experienced professionals. 

So, if we handle all the sourcing and technical aspects, what do you need to do to launch a fashion brand? 


Know your product and customer.

What products do you want to include in your line? How many styles do you want to start with? Gather reference samples for design aspects and fabric preferences so your project manager and pattern maker have a model of your vision. Know who you want to sell your product to and understand what they are paying for similar products in the marketplace as well as opportunities you can create new products for (we give you personal consulting and dive into all these aspects in our Development Kickoff Meeting!). 

Understand the financial needs.

Having a financial plan helps you budget for every aspect of your apparel business and ensures you won’t be forced to hit pause on a certain aspect of your brand development due to poor planning. Ask yourself: what is my ultimate goal for this clothing line? Do I have adequate funding to develop, produce, and market, and deliver my products to the consumer? Not sure how much each of these will cost you? We will cover your budget needs during your Development Kickoff Meeting so that you know where you stand and how much funding you will need to succeed. 

Develop your product with precision.

In the product development phase your manufacturing team (that’s us!) will create all of the intellectual property assets and material sourcing that you need to go into bulk production on your apparel line (and this means for life!). Once your digital patterns, tech packs, marking, grading, material sourcing, and samples have been completed, you now have a comprehensive prototype that can be replicated for life, at any cut/sew factory in the world! That is why getting development done by the experts is so critical. Beware of any manufacturer that doesn’t guarantee in writing that you will have access to all of the intellectual property that they develop for you!

Shout about it for success.

Ready to launch? It is crucial that you begin marketing your apparel line on social media and your website to grow your following, increase engagement and ensure you have a receptive audience. Indie Source offers marketing services in website development, social media growth marketing and e-commerce photography to drive attention to your product and convert purchases on your website and social media. This initial launch phase is where investment in a strategic marketing plan pays off with the strongest ROI. Make sure you chat with your brand consultant during your Development Kickoff Meeting about a marketing plan to ensure you will be set up for sales success!

Are you ready to launch a fashion brand?

You don’t need a fashion degree to become an apparel entrepreneur. With the right partner, you can build a successful fashion brand without ever sketching a design or stitching a single thread. 

If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can make your entrepreneurial dreams come true, book a Development Kick Off Meeting to meet with one of our brand consultants. Our team will walk you through the development and production process and discuss financial targets, material and fit details, provide you with a project quote and answer any questions you may have to ensure you are ready to start an apparel line.






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