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  • 11/15/2019

What’s Heating Up in Womenswear this Winter

What’s Heating Up in Womenswear this Winter

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Women’s Winter Trends 

Back and better than ever, new innovations grace the stage as designers set trends of the 2019 winter season. Winter is just around the corner, we know, but it’s never too late to decide the trends that will take place in your line as the winter season spans through February. Knowing what’s trending this year means having a good idea of what will sell in upcoming months. Indie Source is here to help you create your fashion dream and to do so we only need your inspired vision and a reference. Look at these show-stopping trends to see if you can find a choice reference sample for your next kickoff meeting with us. See something that inspires you? Bring it in! Start developing today and get your ideas out in the flesh!

1. Androgynous Style

A true expression of gender-fluidity, the androgynous style doesn’t conform to a specific gender, nor does it carry a stereotype. This can be achieved by incorporating loose-fitting clothes, like an oversized suit or pair of jeans, or a denim jacket.

Women usually opt for menswear to capture this aesthetic, because the loose-fitting garments hide the silhouette, taking the aspect of gender from the equation. While darker colors provide more of an androgynous feel, bold colors can add flair to the ensemble for a more daring approach. Keep in mind to make it your own! Androgyny is all about flexibility and authenticity, no two ensembles are ever alike.

2. Boiler Suits

If comfort and style had a love child, that child’s name would be Boiler Suit. No longer the standard utility uniform, the baggy, somewhat oversized piece is now seen as a fashion statement. This piece can transform from casual to dressy, with just a simple change of accessories. Because you can get lost in the garment, throw in a statement belt to define the waist and heels to accentuate the silhouette, and you’ll be fashion week ready.

To remain comfortably on-trend, The Trend Spotter recommends a “cropped jacket and some cute sneakers,” or combat boots to keep it casual. You have the power to take a once overlooked design, and make it your own! Make it fashion!

3. Chunky Chains

Large and in charge, chunky chains are making their way back into your closet, ready to add bling and make a statement to an otherwise calm outfit.

Break out of the dainty necklace club and start styling your garments around this season’s trend! They can add a bold, rebellious feel to your looks, whether they be gold, silver, or bronze.

We’ve seen these paired to an edgy ensemble together, or to break away from the femininity in a dress and heels. Either way, it is an easy piece to style and provides your clients with insight on what to wear with your items.

4. Dresses & Skirts with Pants

Now hear us out, it may sound a bit crazy but this trend was hot once, and now it looks like it’s making a comeback as well.

Streamline your outfit by coupling a long-hem skirt with a pair of pants, usually of the same color. The layers created here will add depth and bring intrigue to your outfit.

A long, flowing dress coupled with straight-leg pants is a great option for those who wish to keep it casual and dressy all at once. And whether you style your garments with cute statement heels with a pop of color or print or comfy sneakers, your line will definitely be the most fashion-forward.

5. Personalized Hair Pins

Why try to hide the clips holding down your flyaways, when you can work them into your outfit? The 90’s clips are back and better than ever; this time allowing us to showcase personality while we accessorize.

From trending terms like “finesse” to empowering statements like “women”, personalized hairpins are a great way to remain on-trend and make statements, while accessorizing your garments.

The consumer likes to see ways your garment can be worn that they may see themselves in. Consumers are more likely to buy when they know what they can wear the garment with. Turn heads and drop jaws using the sparkly pieces as a way to take your ensemble to the next level. And who says you can only wear one?


6. Snakeskin Shoes

Remember the pop of color we mentioned when styling otherwise tame outfits? Here’s another chance to give your line a fashion-forward feel. Styling with faux snakeskin footwear providing boldness to an outfit that may lack a little edge otherwise. Combine knee highs with a midi skirt or oversized sweater-dress, ankle boots with a pair of culottes, or you can emphasize the statement pattern by pairing them with an all-black look.

According to The Trend Spotter, the skin does not have to be in traditional colors; out of the box colors (blues or pinks) also look great when styled with corresponding shades.  Allow your consumers to see that your brand remains on-trend and if they desire to be fashion-forward, shopping with you is the way to go!


Can you see your consumers wearing these trends? Is there an aspect that you can use to incorporate into your own design? These are the questions trend forecasters, buyers, and designers ask when making the monumental decisions that help shape the direction of fashion. Indie Source is the manufacturer that will do its best to execute your vision, we just need you to have a vision! Continue to look for aesthetics that speak to you and allow you to bring authenticity into your line! Many are trying to do what you are doing, the question is, what is it that makes consumers choose your clothing over others? 

Found something that piques your interest? Find a garment that best fits your future creation, and bring it with you to help illustrate your ideas (what’s called a reference sample), and help us execute your vision perfectly. At Indie Source, you’ll meet with one of our project managers and discuss your dreams, and what it will take to make it a reality. If you’re uncertain about your vision or what to provide, we have more info about Reference Samples here!

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