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  • 11/15/2019

What’s Heating Up in Menswear this Winter

What’s Heating Up in Menswear this Winter

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Men’s Winter Trends

Yes, it’s November, and winter is just around the corner (practically already here), but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to talk about winter trend! Indie Source is the one-stop-shop for all of your manufacturing needs, but you need to know what’s trending & what will sell to be successful. The winter season stretches through to February, giving you plenty of time to make your designs fashion-forward. Look at these show-stopping trends to see if you can find a choice reference sample for your next kickoff meeting with us. See something that inspires you? Bring it in! Start developing today and get your ideas out in the flesh!

1. Graphic Knits 

Personality meets comfort when styling your consumers in graphic knits! These styles took center stage this season at the shows of Casablanca, Loewe and Dior Homme.

A seemingly everyday piece can easily become the highlight of your fit; pair it with semi-casual trousers and monk shoes or loafers, or straight-fit jeans and boots.

Master the art of crazy, comfy, cool by draping your consumer in knits this season. Who doesn’t love a piece they can wear on a night out or day in the town?

2. Leather Is Better 

     All-black ensembles took the stage by storm as the leather becomes clear in trend for the upcoming season.

According to Vogue, “those who dare to wear full leather will have their style credentials confirmed in a blink”.

Combine sleek and chic in matching sets, or statement pieces!  From motorcycle jackets and blazers to full-length trenches and even leather pants (not too tight we recommend), stepping out in this trend couldn’t look more badass.

3. Monochrome 

Monochromatic outfits involve all pieces in the fit being the same or similar colors, resulting in a simple, streamlined look. 

“Monochrome doesn’t need to be all black to look super sleek; you can take things up a notch by wearing all pastels, all neon or all metallic. A continual color combination in your outfit creates unity and will make you look like a piece of walking art,” advises The Trend Spotter.

 Whether it’s beige as seen at Fendi, off white at Ami or gray at Louis Vuitton, monochrome allows the true appreciation of color. Why shoot for a pop of color when you can match it to a T? Indie Source designers can help you create the breakout ensemble of your fashion line through this trend. Add a few complimentary accessory pieces and consumers are ready to slay the streets.

4. Suit / Parka Ensemble

The parka, one of few garments that can transition from casual to formal with ease, makes a breakthrough this year being paired with a full suit underneath.

Walk the streets in style, withstand weather, and accentuate the colors of your suit with a complementary colored parka! This seemed to be the pattern of Berluti, Dunhill, and Givenchy this season, pairing their garments with tailoring to match. 

5. Mix & Match Ensembles 

Color Blocking takes a new form this year as we see multiple garments fashioned down the runway have separate components, be it different colors, or fabrics, or completely different designs, pieced together.

No longer will we need to choose between plaid or plain, denim or leather. What a time to be alive! Use this as a way to showcase individuality and set your brand from others! Consumers love to feel apart of an exclusive brand or affiliation.

6. Sleepwear Couture

  “Comfy pants” take on new meaning as fabrics like silk & velvet make way into fashion weeks by way of Ann Demeulemeester, Casablanca, Balenciaga as trends inspired from 60’s Hollywood made their way onstage.

This trend follows a popular women’s trend that emerged a while back. Bring sexy back in sleepwear this year, & don’t forget your loafers and a cigar!

 Can you see your consumers wearing these trends? Is there an aspect that you can use to incorporate into your own design?

These are the questions trend forecasters, buyers, and designers ask when making the monumental decisions that help shape the direction of fashion. Indie Source is the full-service manufacturer that will do its best to execute your vision, we just need you to have a vision! Continue to look for aesthetics that speak to you and allow you to bring authenticity into your line! Many are trying to do what you are doing, the question is, what is it that will make consumers choose your clothing over others? 

Found something that piques your interest? Find a garment that best fits your future creation, and bring it with you to help illustrate your ideas as a reference sample, and help us execute your vision perfectly. At Indie Source, you’ll meet with one of our project managers and discuss your dreams, and what it will take to make it a reality. If you’re uncertain about your vision or what to provide, we have more info about Reference Samples here!

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