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  • 02/09/2016

The Big Diff: Why Indie Source?

The Big Diff: Why Indie Source?

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Why Indie Source?

How long have you dreamed of, talked about, and researched starting your own fashion line? Are you full of passion, design concepts, and business ideas but you just can’t find the next step to take or a path that leads you to success?

Indie Source was started for people like you offering a completely new business model; a personalized development, manufacturing, and marketing program that allows you to produce your fashion line, just the way you envision it, right here in Los Angeles.

We Saw What Was Missing

The fashion industry is extremely fragmented, with hundreds of people with very specialized skills working, but not necessarily together. Not as a unit.

Indie SourceWe started Indie Source out of seeing a need in our community. Thousands of people wanted to start fashion brands – they could see others doing it and they were excited about what their lives could be if they reached that goal. But they didn’t know how to get there.

With backgrounds in production, we knew which people they needed to work and at what stage in order to make their fashion lines a reality. Our unique ability to meet the needs of today’s emerging fashion designers created a huge opportunity, and Indie Source was born.

This is not a class, webinar, or coaching service. Indie Source is not about downloading ebooks, watching videos, or getting advice. When you work with Indie Source, you get real life, hands on, step by step support at every stage: from product development, to manufacturing, to marketing your fashion collection.

Indie Source provides you with your own personal project manager, as well as the most skilled pattern makers, seamstresses, and fabric experts to ensure you realize your creative vision and get the best possible results. Indie Source is where your dreams leap out of your head, off the page, and transform into a fully produced and developed fashion line that is on the market.

What Indie Source offers is unique. This business model does not exist anywhere else in Los Angeles. We’re here to take you where you want to go.

Are you ready to turn your dreams into results? Contact us now.

This post is the first of a series, Indie Source Delivers, highlighting the groundbreaking services and resources we offer to new fashion designers.

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