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  • 03/09/2020

WHY OLD Clothing Manufacturing Model DOESN’T Work anymore, and HOW Indie Source is CHANGING the Game

WHY OLD Clothing Manufacturing Model DOESN’T Work anymore, and HOW Indie Source is CHANGING the Game

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How we democratize access to the resources and skills needed to develop and produce apparel

Indie Source was invited to speak at LA Textile, the fashion industry’s premier West Coast destination for textile, design and production resources from around the globe. We discussed
“Why the old manufacturing model doesn’t work anymore, and how we are changing the game.”
We believe that apparel manufacturing should be inclusive and accessible to outsiders and apparel industry veterans alike. We were created to dismantle the old, antiquated way of apparel manufacturing by democratizing access to the resources and skills needed to develop and produce apparel so that all entrepreneurs have the chance to actualize their vision in a more just and sustainable way. Seated in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, Indie Source has been revolutionizing apparel manufacturing since 2012. 

How do we do that?

We saw that traditional apparel manufacturing was shrouded in a lack of transparency. We believe that as an entrepreneur and creator, you should own your intellectual property and have complete access to your vendors.
Our clients maintain control of the process and in doing so, are guided by our expert team of production managers to make the most informed decisions about the materials they are using, how they can choose the highest quality and most sustainable fabrics, and how each component will affect the overall cost and performance of their garment.
We saw that only big companies with deep pockets had access to the best resources and prices in apparel manufacturing and wanted to provide a way for creators with small budgets and even just one product could still receive the same level of development and production attention and success.
It was important to us to never compromise the ethical treatment of humans in the creation of our garments, so we strictly partner with certified, local factories (whom we visit daily) to ensure everyone involved in the creation of Indie Source garments is being treated with the highest level of respect.
And ultimately, we realized that entrepreneurs new to apparel lacked the comprehensive resources to not just develop and produce their line, but to successfully bring it to market. When we say full-package, we are truly comprehensive in our ability to help you conceptualize, create, and sell a viable product. We start with the most thorough development process and precision production, and then add a complete marketing portfolio of website development, ecommerce photography, growth marketing and brand documentaries to ensure your brand story is being told and responded to in a positive way.
Now watch Jesse share insights into his passion for helping brands successfully create and produce clothing.

In summary

We give access to entrepreneurs with any size product line and budget to start their line, maintain control of the development process, have complete transparency and ownership of their product, make the best, most informed decisions about their vendors,  rest assured they are using only ethical production, and most successfully bring a viable product to market. We are Indie Source!
Indie Source